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Sony Tells GameStop to Open the Floodgates on PS4 Pre-orders

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder gets aggressive

Sony seems to have some serious confidence in its production pipeline, as it has informed GameStop to accept “unlimited pre-orders” for the PlayStation 4. In a leaked memo sent to stores across North America, the retailer revealed that the platform holder has allowed it to open the floodgates on system reserves. The note added: “We will let you know when to stop pre-ordering.”

This corroborates with yesterday’s reports regarding pre-order allocations for the console. Last week, Sony increased its sales expectations for the next generation system. In the process, SCEA executive Jack Tretton revealed that GameStop was willing to buy every single rig that the company could manufacture – a comment that was confirmed by the retailer itself.

However, group gaffer Andrew House did warn in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that “demand may outstrip supply”. It’s unclear whether it’s pumped up its production pipeline over the past few days, but it certainly seems like the PlayStation maker is aiming to completely flood store shelves with consoles this Christmas.

It’s a risky strategy. Shortages can lead to increased demand and higher publicity, though perhaps Sony is banking on stealing customers away from Microsoft by making its system more readily available. Rumours suggest that the Redmond-based firm is having manufacturing issues, which is reflected by the system’s low allocations.

We just hope that the Japanese giant’s truly ready, and not just rushing. If it’s able to fulfil demand for the system, then that’s great – but it needs to do so without any hardware hiccups in the process. Have you secured your PS4 pre-order yet? Let us know in the comments section below.


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acdramon said:

Oh please god Sony don't get too cocky. I mean "Unlimited" Pre-orders? That's a little crazy don't cha think. That is if this is a legit memo.



ViciousDS said:

correct but remember the intiial launch units available was rumored to be 16 million? Maybe they really are going to make Japan wait for the console and ship 8 million in the USA and 8million in of right now we know they have not hit at least past 4 million pre-orders.

BTW its unlimited till Sony hits a warning number

Also if both consoles past WiiU in sales can you imagine how bad of a hole Nintendo is going to be in?



get2sammyb said:

@acdramon Yeah, it's not quite "unlimited". It's just "unlimited" until it triggers a certain number in the database and everyone panics a little bit. To me, this suggests that they feel that they can fully meet demand, so they're doing away with strict allocations. We'll see.

I think that 16 million number was for 12 months. There's no way they ship/sell that many in one quarter — that's insane.



InsertNameHere said:

@acdramon I don't see how them accepting unlimited pre-orders is them getting cocky. They're just showing that they have faith in their product, which is never a bad thing.



ViciousDS said:

@get2sammyb not the X1 thats being made with multiple companies.....including lite-on which i deal with daily on their products.....and they are garbage. But the X1 is made by Pegatron Technology with components from a ton of companies. Foxconn makes all apple products i think.

from wiki

Notable products that the company manufactures include the iPad,[5] iPhone,[6] iPod,[6] Kindle,[7] PlayStation 3,[8] and Wii U.[9]



ztpayne7 said:

Pre-ordered! I've never pre-ordered a console before. It's exciting. I raised the money by selling my Wii U and a bunch of old games like FF7 and Megaman Legends. Out with the old, in with the new?

I just hope there's no major issues at launch with the hardware. I'm on the fence about whether a warranty is worth it.



DeHorror1975 said:

Gamestop is so pro xbox it isnt funny, even after microsoft tried to give them the shaft



rjejr said:

This isn't Sony being cocky, this is Sony throwing Gamestop's employees under the bus.

GS sales rep - "Sorry, we don't have enough consoles, even though we took your money way back in June, try coming back in a few months."

Which of these is the real response and which is imaginary:

Customer - "That's OK, I know it's Sony's fault and Gamestop is just following orders, see you in a few months."


Customer - "#*@&^% you pimpled piece of #$%^ I gave you my money and pre-ordered this months ago, what the #$$%% is wrong with you are you a $%^$$ or a $%%^&% now go back there and get me my console or did you steal it to play it in your parents basement or sell it on eBay I'll sue you and Gamestop and your mother."

This is pretty much a win-win for Sony. Sell a lot or advertise sell-outs and let Gamestop take the heat and blame it on their incompetence.



ViciousDS said:

@TheRealBatman I don't think its gamestop thats pushing X1....its the damn employees and everyone one of there co-workers and family members that have a 360 in every possible living space in there house.



irken004 said:

I preordered on Amazon since they won't charge until it's shipped (with release day delivery!)



get2sammyb said:

@DeHorror1975 Obviously I'm not in the States so I can't disagree. Judging from that memo, though, it seems like they're pushing both systems hard.



NathanUC said:

@rjejr The point of a pre-order is that it 'guarantees' you a copy of the game/device on the day it is released. The reason there are limits to how many copies can be pre-ordered is because of limited stock. By Sony saying "sell as much as you can until we say stop", Sony is saying they will be able to meet that demand. When they can't, they'll say "stop taking pre-orders". This is fairly common business practices for these types of things.

Side note, back in the Halo 2 days, the local Gamestop where I loved had a reserve list because of such high demand. Those were the days that "pre-ordering' meant something.



Gamer83 said:

I think this is good and bad. Good for people still looking to pre-order. The worrisome part is that rushed hardware isn't a good thing, hopefully the latter won't be an issue.



Jaz007 said:

I pre-ordered two days after Sony's E3 press conference. I don't have the story's you guys have about pro Xbox employes. My Gamestop have me no trouble and I remember picking a pre-order a while back and me and the employe agreeing that PS3 was superior. I think he decided to sell his 360 too. I knew as of now I do have one of the top rated (they were hoping to take top spot last I heard.)

If the demand for PS4 outdoes supply it will crush the One in terms the demand it will build from having shortages. I'm feeling really good for Sony right now. I feel like they have a deck of cards just waiting to played against the One and that it just won't be able to counter.



Gamer83 said:


A warranty with a system is always worth it, even if it's been out for a few years and has proven to be a very high quality product. It's electronics, you never know what can happen and since you're likely already spending a crap ton anyway, might as well just get the store coverage. In most cases it's much easier to replace it that way if need be.

Also just want to say I don't know where all these stories about Gamestop come from. I don't like all the company's policies, in fact having worked there before, I hate many of them. But it is hardly an Xbox fanboy company like I see suggested by hardcore Sony and Nintendo followers. Everybody has their preferences. I'm a big PlayStation fan myself but more than anything I'm a gamer and I'm able to put biases aside. See the good and bad in all companies and have good discussions with like minded people, who there are a lot of. Unfortunately, there's also a large number of people who love their pieces of plastic and their corporate mothers so much that if somebody says something that even slightly challenges their notions they're a 'fanboy.' I see that happen way too much. Granted I'm sure there's some employees who do cross that fanboy line, but it's not as bad as suggested, not even remotely close. In fact the GameStop I go to most and pre-ordered my PS4 at is made up of employees who are mostly big PlayStation fans.



rjejr said:

@nathanuc1988 - Have you ever pre-ordered a system anywhere before?

Here's a few in case you don't trust clicking:

"I preordered a premium system back in October from my local game station. They've told me today that i wouldn't be getting 1 now until March They had 115 preorders and only got 14 systems."

And another -

"Dear Jamie
Thank you for your email.
You now may be aware there is an extreme shortage of the supply of the Xbox 360 and like all retailers we have only received a small percentage of our initial allocation.
Although your pre-order was recorded some time ago we regret we were not able to allocate your order on launch date. Your order is still on our system and as a pre-order customer your Xbox 360 will be dispatched on a first come first served basis.
As an official distributor of MS products we are guaranteed more stock but MS have informed us along with other official Xbox retailers, that the console will not be freely available until next year.
Please accept our apologies for the disappointment that you have been caused following the launch of this product.
Kind regards
E-mail support team"

So, to quote you - "This is fairly common business practices for these types of things."



Grockumus said:

Definitely agree with you there. I've went to a few Gamestops where they were BLATANT Xbots. For example. I came to one to get Sly 4, and I think the guy said something like "I'm waiting for Gears of War: Judgment myself."
I mean, wtf kind of remark is that?! In NO WAY are those games alike! Then he checked behind the counter where they keep the actual copies and told me that they didn't have any more copies of Sly 4. I said something like, "Well, looks like it's a high seller." Never came back to that one, at least. I think it's been well over a year I've ever went back to a Gamestop because I have to constantly deal with their fanboy crap. Aren't you suppose to be unbiased working in a store that sells all platforms?
/ Amazon pre-order for PS4



rjejr said:

@nathanuc1988 - I realize that last link was from the Xbox360 launch so it was a old, here's some form the WiiU launch last Nov.

"Well, don't usually post but wanted to share that I had a bad experience at the Target in Hadley, MA. Went into the store with my preorder card and receipt and was told they had a "mixup" and had sold all the units. Is it really that hard to understand what the word "reservation" means? "

and another

"Walmart in Stow, OH failed on my pre-order(layaway)..
I walked out with $100 gift Card and unfulfilled order..."

finally then I'm done -

" Gamestop. ers there think they can just sell my pre-order unit just b/c they were unable to contact me. Whats the ing point of pre-order and charging me $25, if they can just sell my pre-order at will, as if i wont be picking up my unit and just let them keep my $25. Dumb stuff like this only happens @ Gamestop.

Gamestop preorder = rubbish"



hYdeks said:

Decent news, but my local GameStop has reported like 4 PS4 pre-orders and around 40 xbox one pre-orders so far, and the xbox one pre-orders are constantly going up. Yay, I don't get it either ¬¬ I might be for the Wii U personally, but I don't get Xbox One being more popular than PS4 Lots of people also think that the Xbox One being $100 more is because it's more powerful than the PS4.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr Careful with the ol' swears, sir.

@hydeks That's contrary to pretty much every other report I've read, but this is anecdotal anyway, so it doesn't really mean much.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Unlimited preorders? Wow. Hopefully, Sony knows what they're doing. Could be bad for them if they allow unlimited preorders and then aren't able to meet day-1 demand...but judging from the past few month, Sony seems to know quite well what they're doing.

Preordered my PS4 two days ago...and sold my 360. So: Sony, here I come! Can't wait for (November 13th) launch.



DeHorror1975 said:

I've had similar experiences talking to gamestop employees, everytime there is a new huge multiplat and I come in to buy it, they always ask, xbox? I also noticed that immediately after the xbox was available for pre order, gamestop had a stack of flyers sitting at the register about the xbox one and the pre order info. I haven't been to a gamestop in a couple weeks now, but I had not seen anything like that for PS4, if I wanted PS4 info I needed to ask. I already have my PS4 and controller and next gen games pre ordered there because I had a ton of trade in credit, but I am done with gamestop after this. I also remember the gamestop CEO calling the xbox one "very compelling" and only had great things to say about xbox one all before the reveal. It seems to me that gamestop is nothing but a PR bot for xbox. If they tables had been turned and the PS4 made all those mistakes, I highly doubt gamestop would have done the same for them. I encourage everyone to purchase your games some place else.



hYdeks said:

@get2sammyb I live in Canada, Xbox is, for some dumb reason, more popular than Playstation here, I've heard PS4 is selling more overall, but Xbox One is selling like hot cakes at my local store oO I'm getting a Wii U, but PS4 would hands down be my secondary console if I was to get one, not that horrible Microsoft Xbox One, bleh



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "Careful with the ol' swears, sir."

Did I swear? I've re-read my 2 posts several times and i honestly don't see it. Unless you edited them out since yesterday? And if there were swears in my copy and pastes that you changed, yeah I'll be more careful about that in the future, but honestly I don't recall any. Honest.

Wait, you're not talking about the #$#@@$ and the #$%$# are you? There's stuff like that in the newspaper COMICS every day, I don't think it actually qualifies as swearing. Weird.



artemisthemp said:

@hydeks Funny according to sales charts is there only sold 900k 360 and 1.2M PS3 in Canada.

I really hope this don't mean EU will have to wait to 2014 to get one.
Oh well at less then US ppl have beta test and found the bugs.

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