Let’s not beat around the bush, the PlayStation 4’s price point was a bit of shock. While we’d heard inklings that the company was going to price its next generation system much lower than previous efforts, very few imagined that it would hit $399.99. And that’s prompted some pundits to question whether the company is taking a large financial hit in order to achieve such an impressive feat. According to PlayStation president Andrew House, though, the “financial backbone” surrounding the console couldn’t be healthier.

“People obviously look to comparisons on the PlayStation 3, which was a very tough financial proposition for us in the early stages,” the executive said in an interview with the BBC. “We are in a very, very different state with the PS4, and I think that our financial backbone around the platform, and around the ecosystem that we’re building, will be much healthier, much earlier in the lifecycle than we’ve seen previously.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the console won’t be costing the company money out of the gate, but House insinuates that it’s only going to be a temporary loss. Honestly, we’re a little bit in awe of how well this platform’s been designed. It’s going to be a really exciting year for the brand. Bring on that holiday launch.

[via bbc.co.uk]