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Out Today: The Last of Us Lives to See Another Day

Posted by Sammy Barker

It can't be for nothing

The sun may have set on E3 2013, but the fun’s just about to start for the rest of you. After weeks of waiting, Sony has finally laid The Last of Us’ decomposing carcass on physical and digital store shelves. The game – which sees you assume the role of a weary middle-aged man named Joel – takes you on an adventure across an apocalyptic United States, and finds you forming an unlikely bond with your potty mouthed teenage accomplice, Ellie.

“An assured, touching, and engrossing adventure, The Last of Us represents a watershed moment for the medium,” we wrote in our The Last of Us review. “This is a meaty slice of survival action that masterfully depicts the horrors of life in a post-pandemic setting. The conclusion may feel a little hurried, and the multiplayer somewhat surplus to requirements, but this is still an essential tale of survival that will consume you quicker than a cloud of contaminated spores.”

Have you managed to salvage your copy yet? What are your initial impressions of the game? Are you planning to skip the release in spite of the string of perfect scores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ginkgo said:

One of the good things about living in Australia when there is a worldwide release is that you get to pick things up early! Bought my copy today and can't wait to try it. Just need the kids to be in bed...excited.



Sanquine said:

2 pre orders ! Just arrived My girl and i are going to play till we drop #gamergirl awesomeness



Gemuarto said:

I played for about two hours. And story was a collection of cliches from movies about apocalipse, zombies and setera. You can predict what will happen in those two hours right in the middle of the first conversation after prologue.

But game is really cool. Very well paced and enjoyable. Hope story will become better. I don't want another beared guy to die in the end. Beared guys deserve to live.



MadchesterManc said:

I started a new job about a month ago and I dont have much time for games lately so Ive got quite a backlog of games to get through Ill probably get it in a couple of weeks but like ive said on numerous artices, Ive actually always been more hyped for Beyond so Im not really in a rush to go out and buy The Last of Us just yet...



Leifoh93 said:

Lucky for u guys!!!!........I'm in AFRICA!!!! I'll have to wait like 5 months from now!!



Gamer83 said:

I still have to wait an hour and a half before I can pick this up. Very jealous of the people on my friend list who are playing it already.



GraveLordXD said:

Man I gotta wait till after work! Now that I think about it work sucks!
But then I read @Leifoh93 then I realize I shouldn't be complaining lol



Ps4all said:

Bought this at midnight last night. Only two hours in. But so far it has been awesome.



Gamer83 said:


I'd love to be able to get early access to games. Probably should've got into games journalism rather than sports but I'm much better at analysing the latter.



AD-80 said:

The only issue i have is they were 30 minutes late on the PSN midnight release. That extra 30 mins put me to bed. So i ended up sleeping and waking up in the mornign before work to play. #1stworldproblems



Ginkgo said:

About 3 hours in and loving it so far. Playing on hard, because I want it to be brutal and take my time, so far so good (wasn't game to try survivor mode). Graphics are really impressive, the scenery is spectacular, the characters are great, the clickers are both scary and unforgiving. Knowing how to beat/get around them is not hard, but you rarely have enough resources to kill them all and any slip up with noise and you're done for. They will take you out very quickly. The first plot twist was a little cliched and definitely hit the autosave bug. But honestly, I was mega hyped and so far not disappointed.



Ginkgo said:

@AD-80 : Yeah I lost a bit too, but not that much maybe about 30 mins that I had to replay last night. Annoying, but it was resolved quickly, so it hasn't marred my experience too much really.

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