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Kojima Wants Someone To Remake Metal Gear Solid Using Fox Engine

Posted by Damien McFerran


Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that he's looking for an external studio to produce a new version of the original Metal Gear Solid, and he wants it done using the swanky new Fox Engine.

Speaking during a closed interview session at E3, Kojima confirmed that he was actively seeking the help of another developer to produce the remake. He also noted that some of the game's mechanics would need "updating" — a similar process occurred when Silicon Knights ported the game to the Nintendo GameCube as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes back in 2004.

Metal Gear Solid launched on the 32-bit PlayStation back in 1998, and has sold over six million copies globally. A sequel to Kojima's 8-bit Metal Gear titles, it has since spawned several sequels across many different formats, with the most recent being Metal Gear Rising. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the next chapter in the story, and currently lacks a release date.


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Alpha said:

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I WILL BE BUYING THIS, wish it came out with the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection.



NathanUC said:

I wonder how well these would translate though. I think giving the player controls as solid as MGS4 in a game like MGS and MGS2 would make them FAR FAR too easy. The maps were so perfectly catered to that over the top type control system.

I'd still love to see it happen



charlesnarles said:

@nathanuc1988 good point. Part of why that game kicks your ass is because you can only see one screen at a time (unless you use weaponless 1st person mode) and the enemies respawn like crazy. You're actually not supposed to go around assaulting everyone, and be tactful and sneaky... I love the graphic novels, but it's the 32bit graphics that make the atmosphere of the game; nobody actually has a face = use of own imagination = so much more artistic and engaging that 4 even. I love all the Metal Gears. How about a Fox remake of the actual first game which most people don't know the plot? Unless they're doing that TOO... : )



ThreadShadow said:

Just don't ruin the cut-scenes like Twin Snakes did!

The fight with Ocelot is too easy when you can shoot in First-person mode. That is definitely an experience tied to the game design limitations.

I still haven't finished Twin Snakes, but the original PS version is still definitive in my book.

I'd like someone to remake MG1 and MG2 in new graphics as downloadable titles. The graphics could be 3D but still retain the top down perspective. And you could still shoot and look around in FP perspective when you hold down a respective button. Get the dialogue voice acted too. I'd love to hear David Hayter or even Sutherland say "The truck have started to move!" and the guard say "I feel asleep."




acdramon said:

YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! But they really should remake MG1 and MG2. Not a lot of people know that part of the mythos.

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