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Fieldrunners 2 Plots a Path onto PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Tower defence smash Fieldrunners 2 is set to march onto the PlayStation Vita this summer, developer Subatomic Studios has announced. The smartphone favourite originally launched on the various iOS platforms last year, before targeting Android devices in April. According to the developer, the sequel features over 25 new towers.

“Since our last encounter [on PlayStation Minis] in 2009, the mad scientists at SubaLabs have been building the most cutting edge weaponry imaginable,” explained Alec Shobin on the PlayStation Blog. “You’ve still got the trusty Gatling Tower, but mix in a tower that throws bee hives at enemies and you’re ready to party. We’ve got towers that launch infectious syringes, guns that turn enemies into cows, flame throwing Jack O’Lanterns, and more.”

There’s no word on a release date just yet, but the Massachusetts-based developer will be in attendance at E3 showing off the Vita port. The company’s also remaining coy on a price point, but it has said that the annoying microtransactions featured in the smartphone version are definitely off the menu for now.



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rjejr said:

No PS3 mini? It was 1 of the first games we got w/ PS+ and despite having never heard of it before it's one of my favorite TD games. I don't havae it on my Android Tab yet as I'm waiting for free. Free always comes eventually.

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