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Feature: Push Square's E3 2013 PlayStation Game of the Show - Final Fantasy XV

Posted by Sammy Barker

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E3 is always a hotbed of ardently anticipated software, but this year had the added enthusiasm of new hardware in its favour. With the PlayStation 4 set to arrive on store shelves in less than six months’ time, 2013’s showing was awash with visual spectacles running on Sony’s supercharged machine. Alas, the winner of our inaugural PlayStation Game of the Show is not a brand new release, but rather one that we’ve known about for a while...

E3 2013 PlayStation Game of the Show: Final Fantasy XV

It may have only appeared in trailer form, but that was enough for you to declare Final Fantasy XV your E3 2013 PlayStation Game of the Show. Originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII over seven years ago, the title has remained a subject of anticipation ever since its initial unveiling. And based on the promise of the re-reveal, it looks like protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum’s grand adventure could live up to the long wait.

The debut trailer hints at lots to look forward to – a world based in reality, gob-stopping visuals, and more expensive haircuts than the Covent Garden branch of Toni & Guy

The debut trailer hints at lots to look forward to – a world based in reality, gob-stopping visuals, and more expensive haircuts than the Covent Garden branch of Toni & Guy. But beyond the melodrama regarding crystals and collapsed kingdoms, there appears to be an interesting and evolved experience throbbing beneath the heart of Square Enix’s long overdue opus.

A second gameplay video evidences how the company’s eager to do away with the turn-based battles of old, with a more dynamic realtime system employed in its place. The swish haired hero is shown sprinting around architecturally impressive arenas, swinging his sword in the general direction of unfortunate foes, and climbing up skyscraper buildings. It’s swift, slick, and above all else different, prompting a minor backlash from series loyalists who fear that the now numbered entry may culminate in the death of the classic JRPG.

But it doesn’t appear to have deterred you. While the poll was close, the mere sight of the lush Kingdom of Lucis proved ample incentive for you to vote Final Fantasy XV your favourite from a shortlist of surefire PlayStation hits. Let’s just hope that director Tetsuya Nomura and crew don’t keep us waiting another generation to get our hands on the game, otherwise we’ll feel more ghastly than that gross green soup glimpsed in the title’s announcement trailer.

What about the Other Games?

Final Fantasy XV may have run away with the crown in our E3 2013 PlayStation Game of the Show poll, but only a last-minute surge pushed it on top. Ubisoft’s ambitious Tom Clancy’s The Division commanded for a while, before giving way to inFAMOUS: Second Son. In fact, Sucker Punch’s super powered jaunt through Seattle led for much of the weekend, securing a competitive 15 per cent of the votes compared to the Square Enix sequel’s winning 16 per cent.

Elsewhere, the ostentatious Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain scooped 10 per cent, while Kingdom Hearts III nabbed 7 per cent. And people say that Japanese games are irrelevant. The only releases to not get a vote from our carefully crafted shortlist were PS4 launch title DriveClub and Supergiant Games’ intriguing indie smash Transistor. At least the latter can take heart from winning our indie game poll last week.

Do you think that Final Fantasy XV deserved to win Game of the Show? Would you have preferred it if another title topped our sure-to-be prestigious poll? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Epic said:

Was hoping for The Division its concept its pretty unique and I like the fact that everyone is your enemy(except your teammates). It adds the feeling off everything could happen, that puts you on your guard every second. >>l<<



ViciousDS said:

FFXV did look very sexy and it was the first real gameplay trailer that we had really seen, and damn it looks fun as hell.....hopefully its not too linear



belmont said:

I think I will love FF15 as a long time fan of the series. Even if it is not a jrpg in the traditional sense there is still (somewhat) a demand for them and I think we will see plenty of them on PS4 given the legacy of PS3, or so I hope anyway since these are my favorite games.



Gemuarto said:

Cool choice, guys. I just beat The Last of Us. And while game is great, it is too brutal and filled with violence. Hope there will be enough japanese games for PS4. So I can forget about Naughty Dog and co. I mean, the only western games I played on PS2 was Killzone and God of War.... But I played a couple of levels of GoW and throw disc from a window. I hope Japan will rise again with nextgen.



rastamadeus said:

Be interesting to see how many people bitch about the game when it comes out for not being a "real" Final Fantasy.



Jaz007 said:

I voted for Second Son. But I'm happy with the winner since I was very torn between FF15 and Second Son. FF15 deserves it.



JavierYHL said:

the only bad news is going to xbox one and japan cant even play it on the box...



Gamer83 said:

Never been a huge FF fan so I went with inFamous: Second Son. The Division looks like a game that I could really get into as well, looking forward to learning more about that one.


That was kind of the point of The Last of Us. This was actually a much different game, in tone anyway, from what Naughty Dog usually does. I'm sure they will be going back to Uncharted (Jak & Daxter would be cool too but I don't see that happening) for their first PS4 outing, those games are far less violent than a lot of games out there. I hope whatever they come up with is better than Uncharted 3 though (very good game, but not nearly up to par with 2).



hYdeks said:

With the crap load of shooters they showed, yay, I would agree the short appearance of FF XV was the only highlight for me. Tearaway looks very impressive as well, but it's sad the amount of support Vita is getting. It's like developers don't know a great console when they see one anymore (Wii U, Vita)



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

@Gemuarto Game's too brutal and filled with violence? You mean a story-line that doesn't have violence to be a dude-bro shooter-zombie explosion, but rather a mature story-line, makes a game a worse choice to vote for than FF XV? That's some cray-cray reasoning. And who cares if it's Japan or Western games that run supreme? If it's a good game then it's a good game.



adamjramsey said:

Nice one lads, see you next E3 for the tie between The Last Guardian and Prototype 3



Gemuarto said:

@HeatBombastic Blablabla =))) My point is that I am nostalgic about times of PS1 and PS2. I never played all those primitive western games about violence and hate in that era, because there were so many good and kind japanese games and most AAA exclusives where japanese. Now, with PS3, I feel myself like I felt when I was playing on PC, when couldn't afford PS2. With only exception that games have become more violent and full of hate. Remember that The last of Us is that game wich defines generation. And it really is. Whatch anime Shingeki no Koujin. It is about hate and violence, but somehow it doesn't feels like that. Because it's more about cool story. In Japan people can make those types of stories with dark and evil face, but at the same time positive and kind inside.



MadchesterManc said:

I just couldn't bring myself to vote FF15. Id recently played through FF13-2 and found it to be a pretentious pile of crap lol It would've fare a little better if Lightning was more prevalent throughout (Lightning was by FAR my favourite character in 13) Im not sure whats going on with Final Fantasy these days. Im actually enjoying Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 a lot more lol Maybe FF15 will come good though, who knows?

Im not suprised one of the shooters didn't win. The community on Pushsquare seems to have broad taste in games, which is a good thing before anyone gets the wrong idea and starts flaming me as they think im complaining lol I voted Destiny simply because Im a Bungie fan and Destiny looked awesome for me. So good in fact that Ive forgotten about the Halo announcement for Xbox one already There was a lot of great games shown at E3 by Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo. At the end of the day we are all winners



Superconsole said:

Woop woop! I thought Square's segment of the conference was great, although I did like the look of The Order: 1886 too.

@ShogunRok I had a long fringe once. It was hell.



ShogunRok said:

@Superconsole So did I, had one for years. I don't recommend it - I wasn't even running up buildings and cutting people up, so god knows what hell Noctis goes through for the sake of his vanity.



Gamer83 said:


I agree with you that a lot of games are just about hate and violence but it's unfair to criticize every Western game of that because it's simply not true. Certainly couldn't be further from the truth in the case of The Last of Us. It's more about humanity's struggle to survive against impossible odds. You meet some real scummy characters along the way but also some good ones.



Ryu_Bateson said:

I'm happy Final Fantasy won, especially that it's somewhat overlooked generally. It deserved winning.



Ryu_Bateson said:

@Gamer83 :"It's more about humanity's struggle to survive against impossible odds."
As far as I know, everyone was trying to kill each other to survive. And the overall atmosphere is dark and gloomy. And it's not just TLOU either, the majority of games of this generation had similar traits. Personally, I wish for the next generation to change back to what it used to be in previous generations, but with modern gameplay mechanics.

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