Knack’s unashamedly the most basic title announced for the PlayStation 4 – but that’s clearly by design. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has frequently compared the release to Crash Bandicoot in various interviews, and that’s a trait that game director Mark Cerny echoes in this lengthy interview about the exclusive.

In addition to showing the title’s full E3 demo – which spans a variety of environments – the PS4 system architect explains that the release is a “platform action title set in a fantasy world” that draws inspiration from PlayStation classics such as Katamari Damacy, God of War, and, of course, Naughty Dog’s breakout hit.

While the gameplay does look simple – mostly focusing on straightforward combat sequences – Cerny promises that the challenge comes from the multiple enemies that you’ll encounter. You’ll face over a hundred different foes in the full game, and each will require unique tactics to beat. Knack will also be able to adopt various forms, which will augment the title with unique strategies.

Throughout the adventure, you’ll be able to collect hundreds of hidden items. Some of these you’ll be able to trade with the folks on your friends list. Others – known as Crystal Relics – will allow you to replay the game as an alternative version of the titular hero. One form that the game director explicitly references in the video is ‘Vampire Knack’. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Despite the game looking very simple – and clearly still quite early in production – it’s definitely growing on us. While we adore mature experiences such as The Last of Us, sometimes it’s just fun to bounce around in a colourful world. With a slightly lower price point, we reckon that this could prove a very attractive option at launch.