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E3 2013: What Do You Get in the PS Plus Version of DriveClub?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Prologue edition

During its press conference earlier in the week, Sony announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a free version of DriveClub for the PlayStation 4. However, it used very specific language during that part of the presentation, making it seem like a stripped back version of the game would be up for grabs. As anticipated, that will be case.

An Evolution Studios representative told our friends over at The Sixth Axis that you’ll get the complete package in terms of features and functionality, but that the free download will not include all of the tracks and vehicles from the full game. The representative wouldn’t clarify whether you’ll be able to upgrade the title with microtransactions, but that would make sense. Earlier in the year, Sony said that it was planning a robust suite of DLC for the racer.

Seeing as PlayStation Plus already offers such outstanding value, we doubt that anyone could be disappointed by this news. And if you weren’t already planning to pick up the racer on launch day, this will at least give you something else to play – even if it’s not the full game.


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CygnusTC said:

That's fine with me. The fact that a premiere title is in any form FREE at launch for my already psplus subscription is a real nice addition. A first I would think



get2sammyb said:

@CygnusTC It's awesome because there's going to be free-to-play stuff like PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Warframe, etc, available at or around launch, too, so there's going to be tons to play if you can't afford to buy many of the retail games.



ShogunRok said:

With this and the few free to play games that are going to be available at launch, you're already looking at a somewhat solid library the second you get your console set up.

I'm wondering if this particular offer will negatively impact people's interest in Drive Club at retail, though.



MadchesterManc said:

As I always say, You cant complain about something thats free This is good news for me. Im a HUGE Motorstorm fan so Im obviously a little bitter Evolution seem to have brushed it aside for this. Having this PS+ freebie will give me a chance to play it n see if all can be forgiven lol If anything this will fill the gap till Gran Turismo is announced for Ps4



rjejr said:

I got Starhawk single player free, and I think there was another partial game, whatever they want to include in PS+ is fine by me.

Would be really odd if this offline single player though



Gamer83 said:

I like this, even if I can't upgrade to the full game through DLC I still remember GT 5 Prologue having a good amount of content so if this is similar that's a very nice day one deal for Plus members.



ViciousDS said:

I bought the full game bundle through gamestop so I'm not worried about it, however its nice to see the concerns my buddy has can be wiped away with all the core features. I think if he liked it enough he would just buy the disc.

Maybe we will see more stuff like this in the future from sony. instead of 1 hour game trials they will give us a permanent prologue type of the game. So killzone gives you multiplayer till a certain level and you can keep playing its just that you can't unlock anything after a certain point, or infamous second son gives you the whole world but only the first 10% of the story where the rest of it can be downloaded in mission packs that end up costing you more than the game total (keeps the incentive to buy it new, but those who don't wish to dish out $60 at once can overtime pay off the game in a sort of way).



Dannybear75 said:

Would subscribers get a option to buy the full game at a discounted price? I would hope so

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