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E3 2013: This Secret Relic Resembles a Knack Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Friendly giant

We’re still not sure about Knack. While it’s the product of platformer guru Mark Cerny – who’s worked on everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Ratchet & Clank – something about the art style puts us off. Worse still, the gameplay appears to resemble those awful werehog segments from Sonic Unleashed that everyone seemed to hate. But coming from the guy behind Crash Bandicoot, we’re still hopeful that it could be great.

This brand new trailer doesn’t really reveal much that we haven’t already seen. You still play as a small Pinocchio-esque doll thing, capable of consuming particles to change form. There will be many different guises that you can adopt during the game, and each will augment you with unique skills to conquer different challenges. The title will also feature multiple secret relics, which you’ll be able to find and trade with friends in order to unlock additional perks.

We’re curious if this will adopt a lower price point than other PlayStation 4 launch titles. It’s something that Sony’s already experimented on with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and the strategy worked out well for that game. Either way, let us know if you intend to pick this up in the comments section below.

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Sanquine said:

I think everyone is a bit to into the shooters.... I'm really excited for this one:D I think it has a good story and a NEW playstation icon who could match crash bandicoot is always welcome. Knack is my most anticipated ps4 game



rjejr said:

Haven't had a fun new IP platformer since the Jak - Sly - Ratchet trifecta made the PS2 my favorite console of all time, no matter how long I live, so I have to be excited for this one.

And I haven't seen it mentioned too much if at all but I really like the Astroboy story line. The 2009 movie wasn't fantastic but there is a rich history before that.



JavierYHL said:

hmm its the art style so bad? hmm...i actually like it though...i have strange tastes maybe...



Gamer83 said:

There's potential here but I'll definitely be holding off for a bit. If the gameplay is a lot like the Werehog segments from Sonic Unleashed, that's a major downer. I tried but just couldn't force myself to get through those and had to stop playing the game because of it. Really hope most of the gameplay in Knack will not resemble those stages.

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