Oh to be a fly on the wall at Sony right now. The company may not have had the greatest E3 showing in memory, but it absolutely smashed it out of the park on the points that mattered – and it’s riding out of this year’s convention on a rainbow coloured unicorn as a result. We already reported earlier that pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 have surged following Monday night’s press conference, but the Wall Street Journal has added that the organisation is boosting its internal sales projections for the machine as a result.

While it’s not entirely clear how many systems the Japanese giant intends to sell – or indeed manufacture – SCEA executive Jack Tretton told the publication that GameStop will buy “every single unit” that the firm produce – a sentiment that’s incredibly been validated by a representative for the North American retailer. However, group president Andrew House warned that the demand could “well outstrip supply”. In short, if you want a PS4 at Christmas, go and pre-order one now.

[via online.wsj.com]