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E3 2013: Quantic Dream's The Dark Sorcerer Trailer Has an Almighty Twist

Posted by Sammy Barker

Green screen

Sony didn’t show an enormous number of new PlayStation 4 titles during its E3 press conference last night, but this tech demonstration from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream was a definite highlight among the few that it did reveal. Dubbed The Dark Sorcerer, the video opens like any David Cage epic, as a tormented magician agonises over a tome in a gothic cave. Keep watching, though – this isn't quite what you think.

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divinelite said:

I don't understand. what kind of game is this...
gimme Beyond ps4 please... of course with better graphics. Even Last of Us is far better than Beyond at this point



Jaz007 said:

During the comfrence I had to leaves for second as he was casting the spell. I came back to see it was a movie or something being made. Most intresting.

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