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E3 2013: Media Molecule Unfolds New Tearaway Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

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This year’s E3 may have been light on new PlayStation Vita announcements yet again, but at least the lovely Tearaway is right around the corner. To celebrate the game’s latest showcase in Los Angeles, developer Media Molecule has crafted this new trailer, which demonstrates the title’s whimsical art style and cute platforming action.

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AceSpadeS said:

Rear touch pa... NOOOOO!

That being said, this game is what I was hoping Mario on the Wii U would have been, something different and unique. I'm very interested in getting this.



neumaus said:

@AceSpadeS Agreed about the rear touch pad...
I do poorly with games that utilize the touch functions too much, and it's not because I don't use touch stuff (I have a smart phone I'm always on), but for gameplay I quite dislike it. A good example is Dynasty Warriors Next-- I'm far more likely to lose duels and omg I HATE those minigames where you need to shoot stuff and turn the Vita wth IT'S SO HARD WHY ALL THE TOUCH?!

...too much touch takes the fun out of games, and the immersion, it breaks it up.

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