The announcement of Dragon’s Dogma Quest for the PlayStation Vita should be a reason to celebrate – but we recommend tempering your expectations a touch for the time being. The title – revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine – is described as a free-to-play online RPG. Oh, and it’s all in 2D, too. But it could still be fun, right?

According to the publication, the game will feature over 150 jobs, and will offer a fast-paced adventure that’s playable on the go. The title’s said to have a more tactical focus than its console counterpart, but will still aim to capture the spirit of the main game. You’ll watch over battles, issuing commands, and levelling up.

In addition to the combat, you’ll also be able to explore dungeons, towns, and villages, where you’ll discover numerous side-quests. Pawns will return, and will factor into your party of four. You’ll also have the option to team up with your friends’ pawns, so that you can have a maximum group of eight. The title’s due out later this year in Japan, but there’s no word on a Western release date just yet.