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Chew Your Nails Through Ten Minutes of Outlast Footage on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Prepare to jump

Between the upcoming The Evil Within and Daylight, the PlayStation 4 is already shaping up to be a particularly petrifying haunted home for survival horror. Outlast – the upcoming scare ‘em up from Red Barrels – looks poised to add to that, serving up a terrifying first-person jaunt through an abandoned asylum.

This gameplay video shows off ten minutes of the frightening affair, as you creep and climb through dark corridors praying that the batteries in your camcorder don’t expire. We really like the heavy use of motion blur, which helps to create the illusion of life through a knock-off Bloggie. This one’s probably not for the fainthearted, though. If you thought that the hyenas from The Lion King were scary, you might want to look away now.


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get2sammyb said:

@lvnlavitaloca Yeah. I thought Siren: Blood Curse was a great game on the PS3, but it definitely feels like PS4 is already gathering a nice collection of scare fests! :)



lazyboyblue said:

Great until the end. As soon as the 'monster' showed up the tension evaporated like 99.9% of all horror. My own rules for horror are 1. Don't show me what I'm running from. In most cases the mind fears what it can't see more than what is shown.
2. When you absolutely have to show your audience the horror, don't make it some obvious generic monster deformed bodybuilder.

Aside from that the game looks like having potential. I kept thinking about that the playstation camera would be cool for this type of game. Imagine creeping into a room, its dark, you fumble around to replace the battery in the camcorder. When the light comes back on you're looking through the lense and straight into your lounge. Theres you sitting there in your room, holding your dualshock 4, while an AR shadow stands behind waiting to pounce.
Defibs on stanby people.



Ginkgo said:

Agree with the above. Looks good, but the tension is lost when you see the deformed bodybuilder dude. He's not very interesting.

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