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You'll Be Able to Play The Last of Us While It's Downloading

Posted by Sammy Barker

What sorcery is this?

Remember how Sony touted the ability to play games while they’re downloading as one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest new features? Well, the impending The Last of Us will totally do that on the platform holder’s current console. Naughty Dog told Game Informer that while you’ll have to wait for approximately half of the digital version to download, you’ll still be able to boot it up and start playing while it pulls down the rest of the file.

Naturally, that also means that the game will be available from the PlayStation Store on the same day as its retail release. While we’re pretty impressed that the Uncharted developer has managed to squeeze this feature onto the PlayStation 3, it does beg the question: why has it taken so long?


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FredyGarbagis said:

Wait, what about the poopy installs? Are they getting rid of it on PS3? Or the said """trick""" is to have two separate files for TLoU? I wanna specifics.



Gemuarto said:

@FredyGarbagis probably trick with two separate files because of ennormous size of the game. Not sure about that, though. I think PS4 will be able to stream data from server right into RAM and HDD, without installing. Don't belive PS3 can do that.



Splat said:

I'm a big fan of digital but I'm getting the disk version of this one.



FullbringIchigo said:

if they are doing this now then the file size for this game must be HUGE

still i'm not a fan of digital downloads i would rather have a disc but the fact that they can do it like this now is good news for those who do like to download their games and also to show how the feature will work on the PS4



InsertNameHere said:

@XCWarrior On the PS4, you can start playing almost immediately. Whereas you'll have to wait for The Last of Us to reach 50% before you can start it up.



ViciousDS said:

didn't ni no kuni do this with that insane 25GB install? I remember downloading two separate files.



rjejr said:

But will the game continue to DL while you're playing? It's been awhile but I was under the impression DL would stop while I was playing a game. I certainly wouldn't want to be trying to play a game this graphically intensive while my HDD was DL the rest of the game. Sounds like a bad idea.

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