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What Does a Year of PlayStation Plus Look Like?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Proudly adding to your backlog

Few would argue that PlayStation Plus represents great value for money, but have you ever stopped to consider just what a steal the service actually is. One dedicated Reddit user has collated all of the content from a full year of the premium tier, which included a whopping 68 free games in North America. That’s not including the various other discounts, sales, and exclusive betas up for grabs.

The highest rated games given away in the period between June 2012 and May 2013 included Super Street Fighter IV, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Demon’s Souls. It’s worth adding that the number of freebies is likely to be even bigger over the next 12 months, as the PlayStation Vita service didn’t launch until November 2012.

Over in Europe, the platform holder dished out an equally impressive 63 free games, with highlights including Batman: Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, and Mass Effect 3. Remember, you get all of this for a single $49.99/£39.99 subscription fee. Yes, you are essentially renting the titles, but this is still the best hire service out there as far as we’re concerned.

You can check out a full list of all of the games given away through here. Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber? If not, what’s holding you back? Let us know in the comments section below.


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asiancuta said:

I love PS Plus. In 3 months I've already gotten my money's worth 3 folds.



Splat said:

I love Plus. The free games are great but I feel the discounts are where Plus really shines.

I have also found that I'm more likely to buy DLC for a game I got off Plus if I enjoy the game. I feel like I got the game for free but still want to support it by buying some DLC for it.

I plan on doing that for Sleeping Dogs.



WCamicase said:

I am a Plus since the very first week and I must say that I never regreted it



jaydb1982 said:

Love PS Plus. As a ps3 and vita owner it is amazing value for money and im constantly looking forward to what freebies are coming next. My love for sony over the last few years has surpassed my love for them in the early PSOne days because of their love for there customers. Cant wait for the PS4 iteration of plus.



Big_Gamer said:

I dont think Ill be renewing this summer. Not because I think its gotten bad, quite the contrary, its just that since they changed it up they have mostly offered games Id already buy/have bought unlike before when it was more of a chance to try games I wouldnt bother with otherwise.



rjejr said:

After 2 years mine expired in Jan. or Feb. and I haven't renewed yet due to several factors:

1. Overall game selection. I play mostly JRPGs and platformers. How many of those have we received? (They'll probably offer Rainbow Moon next month since I just bought it on sale.) I already owned LBP2 and R&C:A4O before we got those. I keep waiting for a reason to renew, I check every month, but nothing has interested me.

2. The EU had a 30% off sale a couple months back but US didn't, we had an extra 3 months. Why pay full price for 15 months when I don't even want it for 12? I would have renewed for $35.

3. The EU PS+ still looks much better than the US so I feel I'm getting the short end of the stick. (I'd agree the argument can be made I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face, if this were the only reason not to renew.)

4. I don't own a Vita so I feel like I'm paying full price but only getting half the service. I know if I did have a Vita I'ld feel like I was getting twice the service for 1 price but since I don't ...

So yes I still think it's the best service around, but if I could sign up for a commercial free movie service like Netflix for only $5 a month that only had romantic comedies, yes it would be a great deal, but I'm not interested.

PS - Thanks for the link. Do you have a link for the EU, I'ld bet it's better?



evildevil97 said:

Cloud storage alone is worth it. My PS3 died a few months ago and I needed to send it in. Plus allowed me to keep all my important data.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@evildevil97: Right you are...back when my old PS3 died, PS Plus wasn't even around yet, and I lost several copy-protected files as a result. NO WAY I'm going to risk THAT again.

But also, I think the value of PS Plus is just fantastic. I made my original sub cost back DAY ONE, and I've long since lost track. No way I'd EVER let it lapse. It's still giving me lots of things I'd never have's thanks to PS Plus that I know the pure digital AWESOMENESS that it Double Dragon Neon.



Twisted_Mental said:

Beyond the obvious great valve with the IGC, is the chance to try games you normally would have probably either never heard or just passed over. For example, I'm currently playing Catherine, and have fallen in love with it. There is little chance I'd have tried it out otherwise. I also don't mind that some games I own come to it if they are retail. When LPB2 landed on PS+ I was able to sell off my old retail disk and now I am happy for the less disk swapping I have to do

The only down side to the system is it makes me scared to buy games I normally would have at launch, I'm holding out on PlayStation all stars battle for this very reason.



divinelite said:

even when i have no ps3, i'm happy psplus customer.
it's fun to get something discount or free for each (not every week though) ps store update



naruball said:

For me ps+ has been the greatest thing about this generation. It's simply superb. It never ceases to amaze me how many great titles we get for such a low price. And the discounts sure as hell make it worth it and show that's definitely not just a rental service.



charlesnarles said:

Mine was gonna be up in July and I was seduced by the 3 months free offer, so I'm solid till Fall '14. I really like the service cause it isn't a rip-off. Seems like they'd try to make it barely usable, but it's actually a good experience. Yeah its only about 500 days per game, but the idea is that they would have given you 120 other games by then! Success.



KAPADO said:

PlayStation plus is too much of a good deal.I don't even want to play anymore .too many free games lol

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