Final Fantasy X-2 HD could yet include the Japan exclusive epilogue ‘Last Mission’, though Square Enix hasn’t quite made up its mind yet. According to Famitsu magazine, the company is “undecided” as to whether the International Edition add-on will make its way into the PlayStation 3 and Vita re-release, but it’s giving the idea a lot of “consideration”. We suspect it’s this uncertainty that’s prompting the company to bleed millions.

For those out of the loop, the ‘Last Mission’ expansion includes content set three months after Vegnanun’s defeat, and allows you to explore the Yadonoki Tower, a brand new dungeon. Look, we appreciate the company taking its time to put together a quality product, but this HD compilation was announced a long time ago. Surely the publisher should have made a decision regarding this add-on already? It’s absolutely ridiculous.