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Sony's Already Working on a Free-to-Play Title for the PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Shuhei Yoshida spills the beans

Sony’s already demonstrated its willingness to support different business models on the PlayStation 4, announcing episodic adventure Primal Carnage: Genesis and freemium shooter Blacklight: Retribution at GDC. But now the platform holder has revealed that it’s experimenting with the different initiatives itself, confirming that it already has a free-to-play title in development for its next generation machine.

“We are developing a free-to-play type of game, but we haven’t announced it yet,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Game Informer magazine, adding that the company is currently exploring many different models. “Overall, we are increasing investment in the digital side of development, either through digital titles like Journey that we’ve been doing, but also trying to add more service-based models to our games going forward, like DLCs or additional features post-launch.”

It’s unclear exactly what the free-to-play title could be, but Sony Online Entertainment has hinted in the past that its ambitious first-person shooter PlanetSide 2 could be coming to the PS4. Like DC Universe Online and Free Realms, the MMO uses a freemium model, so could possibly be what Yoshida’s referring to. Are you fond of free-to-play games, or do you find the presence of microtransactions disruptive? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Azikira said:

I don't mind paying for skins/cosmetics, but anything beyond that is a little ridiculous and promotes "Pay 2 Win" ideals.



hamispink said:

I would like to see planetside 2 make its way to the ps4. Though I generally don't like the free-to-play model. I prefer to just pay one price for a game and have access to everything. That is also why I rarely buy add-on DLC



MadchesterManc said:

@Azikira Exactly. Im currently playing Star Trek Online through Steam (love trek, big deal lol) and I think it has a really good F2P set-up. All the game content is available for free, theres also a new Romulan DLC launching on the 21st thats free for all users, and you have access to the same ships and weapons as a subscriber. Most of the paid content is Uniforms and certain ships, which funnily enough deosnt make much difference as Ive not spent any money on the game yet n can go toe-to-toe with the best of em. Theres 2 ways of getting extra ships etc - Pay or complete offers. A subscriber gets a monthly allowance of Zen coins but instead I signed up to peanutlabs n get almost 100 zen coins everytime I do a survey. Im currently stocking up for the Wrath of Khan starfleet uniform and an Excelsior class ship which'll cost about 1500 zen coins. Ill be lookin good while blowing Klingons to pieces without spending a dime on the game. STO is a good example of F2P done right.

Free to Play is great :) if its done right.



irken004 said:

I hope some existing f2p games show up on PS4, like Marvel Heroes, maybe Team Fortress 2 if they add steam support on PS4, and DC Universe Online again.

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