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Sony: Our Biggest Focus Is on Games for PS4, Not Applications

Posted by Sammy Barker

Will probably still stream Emmerdale, though

The PlayStation brand has always represented more than merely games. For example, the PSone’s disc-based technology felt futuristic at the time, while the DVD format owes much of its popularity to the PlayStation 2. As such, it’s pretty safe to assume that the PlayStation 4 will boast its fair share of media applications – it’s just not something that Sony’s interested in discussing at the moment.

“We know that people like these functions, such as Netflix, and use them a lot,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told EDGE magazine. “So, it’s not like we are no longer going to do these functions, but especially for the announcement event, we wanted to show how the game experiences will change with the PS4, because that’s the biggest focus for us.”

Yoshida added that once Sony’s finished focusing on games, it will begin to communicate some of the other functions of its impending machine. With Microsoft rumoured to be going all in on multimedia capabilities, the PS4’s game-centric approach may prove a smart move – especially when you know that it’s going to be able to stream all of your favourite television shows anyway.


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ShogunRok said:

They're essentially trying to capture an audience that Microsoft isn't likely to appease. I think it's a smart move on Sony's part, but we'll have to see how things turn out.

On the whole though, if Sony appeal to and take control of the 'hardcore' market, they're always going to have a guaranteed userbase.



Gamer83 said:

Sony definitely knows how to balance games and apps better than MS but can't argue with MS' strategy in North America since it has worked well for the company here. As long as it continues to lead in NA it will get good third party support and lets face it, on Xbox, and even PlayStation, the most popular games have been from third parties.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Smart move there focusing on the primary function of video game consoles and the main reason for buying them. Yea, multimedia functions help tip the scale but why make such an investment soley for that when none of the games appeal to you?

Microsoft's strategy will help push hardware but just how many people will buy the next Xbox mainly for things like Netflix or DVR? Theres just too much competition in that area to bank on that alone, unless there just so happens to be a few million families looking to buy both a set-top box and game console all at once.



get2sammyb said:

@Gamer83 I agree, but I still think the media think could fall flat on its face. For starters, I'm not convinced that they'll be able to effectively extend the strategy outside of NA, which means this is going to be a very US-centric selling point. Furthermore, like @Zombie_Barioth says, there's a huge amount of competition in that area.

I guess we need to see what they've got in mind first, though.



skunktron-z said:

yay!!! remember when phones were for phone calls! and game systems were for playing games i hate what the world has become, everyone stuck to there smart phones and tablets and facebppks! i just want to play and have fun at home then when i leave the house not be attached to some device with an exception of a vita when your on a long trip but for gaming only and i prbly won't be using the share button, and people sometimes when your outside with friends enjoy the outdoors and the friends right next to you, not the ones in your phones.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb -" which means this is going to be a very US-centric selling point. "

There goes the Xbox stranglehold on the Japanese market

As much as I have been promoting a tablet like experience on the Vita - and for $249 it should do everything a tablet can and more - I think the home console needs to be games first, second and third. Though not having Netflix would be extremely weird.



Scrible said:

Good, it's called a gaming console, we all have other devices to watch net flix, Facebook and all the other crap, focus on games on a gaming machine, makes since



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Yea it seems like every company is trying to roll all of these devices into one, like the iPad... Sure it's a cool gadget, but there are so many limitations especially on the gaming side... I don't mind buying different things to get the most out of the certain experiences they provide, and it will be no different with the ps4.. I'll be in line to get one on day 1..



BlueProxy said:

Smart move for E3. When talking to gamers at a game centric event, speak about the games. There's always opportunity to target non-core gamers with multimedia features. Just show it to them during their day time shows, or where ever they are likely to see it, and then show off the media stuff (to them).

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