Soul Sacrifice may have only just arrived in western territories, but the game’s already secured a strong fanbase overseas. As such, Sony’s supplementing that enthusiasm with a couple of new archfiends, both of which will be available as free DLC in Japan from today. The Ghost is a cursed woman who exchanged her right to die in order to escape death. As such, she’s forced to wander the world in the form of a radiant reaper.

Meanwhile, the Ouroboros was a former scientist who was consumed by the concept of a perpetually spinning wheel. Such was his obsession, that he was, er, transformed into one. Of course, his wheel won’t be spinning once it comes into contact with our supercharged offerings. Check out the trailers below. We suspect that this content will make its way overseas eventually, so just sit tight for the time being.

Update: These foes will be available in North America from 25th June. Additional packs will be made available on 28th May and 11th June.