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Sleep Soundly with BioShock Infinite Songbird Plushie

Posted by Sammy Barker

You'll have to make do without Elizabeth for now

BioShock Infinite’s gigantic mechanical guardian doesn’t make the most obvious bedtime accessory, but Irrational Games is moving along with production on these Songbird plushies all the same. The stuffed toys are available for pre-order right now from the developer’s web store, where you’ll need to stump up $55 in order to secure your own screeching teddy.

Each plush sits at seven inches tall, and has a wingspan of 14 inches. The doll is made of metal, wire, and polyester, making it a poor (read: dangerous) choice for really young children. The replica will spread its wings in September, so make sure that you pre-order now if you want to receive one of these. We suspect that demand is going to be particularly high.


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JayArr said:

The fact that they put Songbird plushies in the game games makes me actually want one.

That subliminal marketing! D:



Azikira said:

I had a hard enough time warranting $30 for a Lagiacrus plushie about the same size. This is just ludicrous.

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