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Send Your Hype Through the Roof with This New The Last of Us Commercial

Posted by Sammy Barker

We can make it if we try

Sony’s typically terrible at marketing its first-party games, but it seems to recognise the importance of The Last of Us. This brand new spot for the impending Naughty Dog epic does a brilliant job of portraying the PlayStation 3 exclusive as a hard-edged action game, without necessarily shying away from the soft sugary core at its centre. We’ve already locked down our doors in anticipation for the title.

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Epic said:

This commercial just gave me an HYPE ATTACK some one call the medics.



Strofan7 said:

I hate buying full priced games...even more so now that I have plus. But this and Beyond can't come soon enough for me!



Kayoss said:

Crap... June is around the corner and I haven't even caught up on my games yet. I still have gow ascension, tomb raider, metal gear, soul sacrifice, and sleeping dog sitting on my shelves. Now last of us, gt6 , two souls are coming out too.

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