We're not sure whether this is a coincidence, or another example of Sony's petty internal tussles. Evolution Studios has deployed a batch of brand new screenshots for its upcoming PlayStation 4 title DriveClub. The fact that Gran Turismo 6 was revealed at a swish event at Silverstone earlier this week probably has nothing to do with the timing, right?

The Runcorn-based developer recently revealed that it's racing in a different direction to Sony's flagship series. "We don’t regard ourselves as a simulation as such, that has a lot of attached associations in terms of the core experience, where it sits in the overall gaming landscape, and we’re very happy, comfortable that we sit somewhere else," said game director Matt Southern. “We’ve not had any resistance or issues in terms of developing this as a concept on its own.”

The images themselves are impressive. It’s unclear whether they’re in-game, but we’d be seriously impressed if they are. What do you think? Park your responses in the comments section below.

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