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Rumour: Gran Turismo 6 Races onto PlayStation 3 This Holiday

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Never count on a Gran Turismo announcement running smoothly. While the platform holder’s anniversary event has yet to start, rumours are rife that the next iteration in the simulation series has been officially announced for the PlayStation 3. South African outlet iAfrica claims to have received a press release confirming Gran Turismo 6 for the current generation console, but we’ve been unable to verify the report with Sony.

Nevertheless, it sounds plausible, as this is what much of the pre-release speculation has been pointing to. According to the site, the sequel – which is due out later this year – will boast an improved engine that will allow developer Polyphony Digital to “expand it with downloadable content”. Moreover, the release will boast all of the content from Gran Turismo 5, in addition to a number of new “notable” historic, road, and race cars. This will supposedly push the game’s total vehicle tally up to 1,200.

The sequel will also apparently feature seven new locations, new customisation parts, and smartphone and tablet connectivity features. We’re still trying to verify the validity of this report with Sony, so sit tight for the time being. We’re sure that there will be plenty more ups and downs before the racer is officially revealed – this is Gran Turismo, after all.

Update: Sony has now confirmed Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. Point your browser through here for all of the details.


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charlesnarles said:

All the content from 5?
So, no 2012 models of cars? Like, the same wireframes and everything? Or only 200 new cars? (rofl "only")



Kayoss said:

I hope its a major upgrade to GT5, I fear that they slapped on 200 new cars and 7 new tracks and stick the number 6 at the end of the title and called it a day. Crossing fingers that its not.



Sanquine said:

If this is all... i will not buy it. A vita version i would gladly pay 100 dollar



Savino said:

@Sanquine Vita version = TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
PS3 version = No, thanks!
PS4 Version = Impossible! It would hurt a lot DriverClub sales and this was announced first.

I put all my money in a version for vita, that is the big game that they are talking about!!

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