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Rayman Legends Leaps onto PlayStation Vita with Exclusive Content

Posted by Sammy Barker

We're already legless

Former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends is hopping onto yet another platform: the PlayStation Vita. Ubisoft confirmed the handheld port earlier today, adding that the title will launch on the same day as its console counterparts. For those of you out of the loop, that’s 30th August in Europe and 3rd September in North America.

Excitingly, the portable version will boast a bunch of exclusive content. In addition to all of the stages from the main game, it will also include five bonus maps that will take advantage of the rear touch pad. Furthermore, you’ll be able to dress the titular hero in a Prince of Persia-themed costume, while Globox will net a set of Splinter Cell threads.

Rayman Legends was controversially delayed earlier in the year, mere weeks before its Wii U release. It was subsequently announced for the PlayStation 3, which caused something of a backlash in Nintendo land. Still, maybe it was for the best – Rayman Origins was an absolute delight on the Vita, so we’re really looking forward to playing its successor on Sony’s slick handheld system.

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CrazyOtto said:

Shame that this probably won't be 4 players though. I hope it gets a Steam release as well since it's no longer Wii U exclusive.



Placlu said:

ugh.. this.... annoys me.
Ubisoft are such are love hate company for me. They say this game is Wii U exclusive on launch day.. I pre-order a $500 WiiU... lol jk now its multiplatform. lol now it's delayed. lol now its delayed again. But never fear! Wii U will have exclusive content that nobody else~ Vita has exclusive content that nobody else will have! :D

They have REALLY screwed over people with this game. This made me legitimately pissed.



doctor_doak said:

And that's why you never pre-order anything... I've pre-ordered a couple of things in the past, because of this brilliant new tendency of publishers locking you out of content if you don't. There's no good reason to pre-order...I mean, look at all those people who preordered Aliens: Colonial Marines. Just don't do it!! Wait for the dust to settle... :)



hydeks said:

YES! Now that's a announcement I was looking forward too! Thanks Sony, I wanted reasons to keep my Vita :) Now I need to definitely pre-order it, I have the original for Vita as well, awesome game.

@Placlu I use to get systems at launch but have learned to wait a year or two in order to make a much better decision with my hard earned money, especially since these consoles aren't cheap anymore. As for the exclusive, I'm happy it's coming to the Vita, but your right, I wanted a Wii U for Rayman Legends, now I still have no real reason to buy a Wii U, cause I already have systems that play the games there getting (and not getting).



Placlu said:

@hydeks eh. to be fair it was half a birthday gift and that was the reason I got the dang thing on launch (seriously november birthdays = win) Just annoying they come out with all this "exclusive content" for WiiU , and now everything else has exclusive everything. To be completely fair I'm getting the game on PS3, screw the touch controls... the murray sections are complete booty on the WiiU that I've played.
@doctor_doak yea, yea, well I'm not getting a PS4 or Xbone :P learnt my lesson :p



Giygas_95 said:

Nice news! I thought they might do a Vita version, and this'll certainly help the Vita. I'm getting the Wii U version myself.



CrazyOtto said:

Looks I'll have to get 2 versions, one right right away and the other after it gets cheap (I'm talking Wii U VS Vita)

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