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Oh, Battlefield 4 Is Definitely Deploying on the PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Beautiful firefights

Microsoft and EA may have embarked upon a secretive romance, but that's not stopping Battlefield 4 from targeting the PlayStation 4. The publisher officially confirmed the news earlier this evening, noting that more will be shown at E3. We've sort of known that the game's coming to Sony's next generation system for a while, but this makes it all official like a wedding ring.

While there's no date attached to the PS4 version, the PlayStation 3 title will deploy on 29th October. Pre-orders for either iteration will secure you access to the China Rising expansion, which will include four new maps, in addition to bonus vehicles and military equipment. Which platform will you be purchasing the game on? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

I remember when blogs always had the newest entry at the top, this is 3rd down. (NL has been like this lately as well.)

EA married MS.
EA has affairs with Sony.
EA visits Nintendo in the prison shower.



Epic said:

I might get it for PS4 I already took a break huge 3 months break from FPS so this and Borderlands 2 kinda looks like they might be different from the same Cover, Shoot, Advance routine in other FPS.




I'm looking to Killzone for my FPS PS4 needs, though Battlefield is tempting. Didn't get in to 3 all that much and got pretty sucked in with Black Ops 2.
Depending on how multiplayer in KZ shapes up, I'll probably go with Battlefield for multiplayer. The Endgame expansion for 3 just looks like great fun with the dirt bikes.

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