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Newspaper Promotion Practically Confirms European PS4 Launch This Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We considered before the Xbox One’s reveal what kind of response Sony may have planned to counter Microsoft’s moment – but it’s actually done a better job than we expected. In addition to Monday’s surprise PlayStation 4 trailer, the platform holder has also been advertising the system like mad over the past few days – and its endeavours have culminated with today’s full-page promotion in the UK newspaper the Metro.

It’s not the commercial that’s the highlight, though – it’s the date. After a paragraph of evangelising the console, the ad includes the snippet “coming 2013”. While it’s already confirmed that target in North America, it’s been a little bit coy about the system’s European release date. We’ve heard rumours that the company is willing to do “whatever it takes” to launch the platform in its most popular territory, for example, but nothing official.

Also interesting is the Champions League notice at the bottom of the image. There has been some speculation that Sony is set to air the PS4’s first commercial during tomorrow night’s final at Wembley, but we’ve yet to get confirmation of that from the platform holder itself. We wouldn’t rule it out, though.


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rastamadeus said:

Didn't Sony say they'd sacrifice launching in "safe" Japan if it meant launching over here this year? So it's not that surprising. In fact it'd be downright lunacy if they didn't release it over here.



Jasontamer said:

Sony is seriously on top of this! I have a feeling that they won't leave any stone unturned! E3 Should be epic.



Darkman said:

PS4 will end worlds! But seriously Sony don't lose your momentum because Microsoft won't stop hounding you for first place this Gen(fact)



InsertNameHere said:

Sony has really been on top of things this year. It seems I was right to believe them when they said that they had learned from their mistakes with the PS3, because so far, they've proven that they have.



eliotgballade said:

agree with the champions league theory . if i remember correctly , wasn't there vita adverts in an earlier champions league match ?



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - You bought your girlfriend a car for her birthday? You must be married

Based on that X1 reveal MS is practically giving away the rest of the world for the US lead. But Sony should take Europe while they can. I hear the WiiU is actually SELLING in the UK. MS did what Nintendo couldn't.

I wonder if Xbox Live Gold membership was low everywhere but the US? They sold 77m consoles and 46m Live memberships but I can't google #'s by country. MS pushed online too hard for them not to be planning on monetizing it. I bet $60 yrly. goes away for $7.99 (Netflix and Hulu+) monthly or something along those lines. Xbox One. One Console under [email protected] in 1 country under [email protected] (Who knows what MS is thinking.)



hYdeks said:

Might be sad to say, but I think the PS4 console glimpse trailer had more positive hype than the xbox one meeting lol Glad to hear most people wanting to enjoy PS4 will be able to this year

I wish my loved one bought me a car for my birthday grumbles lol ^-^



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - OK, since I started it, I'm ending it.

The "right moment" is when you get the PS4 for your birthday.

(My wife and I have been thru 6 consoles together now - PS, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Wii, PS3 - and its true, the family that games together, stays together.)



Sanquine said:

@rjejr My girlfriend has finally got taste. She played catherine and liked it ( Also gravity rush on the vita and ofcourse mario 3D on the 3ds ) So I hope she and i become like something you are doing. Having funn with the same hobby

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