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Kickstarter Funded Cloudberry Kingdom Jumps onto PS3 and Vita

Posted by Katy Ellis

Time to save another princess

As Pwnee Studios probably once said, 'you can never have your fingers in too many pies' – or something to that effect. That was presumably after the Kickstarter platformer project Cloudberry Kingdom was announced as a multi-platform release for a whopping five systems, including the PlayStation Network and the Vita.

Cloudberry Kingdom is the self-professed toughest randomly-generated platforming game around, with several difficulty modes ranging from Easy to Abuse, Hardcore, and Masochistic. Being a title inspired by the early NES days, the majority of your time with the adventure will be spent running, jumping, and ducking to avoid laser beams. Lots of laser beams.

Speaking exclusively to Push Square earlier in the week, the vice president of the New York studio TJ Lutz explained that there are currently no updates regarding when the game will be released. "We're still just working our way through certification," he said. "I guess it gets more complicated and time consuming when you're on multiple platforms." We bet those pies are looking less and less tempting right about now.

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Sanquine said:

This sounds awesome and frustrating.... I just crushed one of my controllers with demon souls ( That game is harder than dark souls) xD ( I died for the 50th time on the same boss)



Gemuarto said:

@Sanquine to tell you the truth, it's not so hard if you grind for souls, look for better equipment and magic. And use a lot of potions, instead of fighting with boss 50 times in a row. I mean, you can spent your time by polishing your skills as a gamer, or by making you character better and stronger. In other words, to play it as an action or as action RPG. I beat most part of the game without even knowing that I can roll =(((....



Sanquine said:

@Gemuarto I know how to grind... xD And there is nothing wrong with my skills because dark souls was easy for me.



odd69 said:

Well they have cooked up a nice looking pie, they should hurry up and bake that bad boy, so I can buy day one



Superconsole said:

I've had a go at it - played around 13 levels on Arcade co-op and it was pretty intense! Fun though



Korgoth said:

If you read through the comments on their developer blog, the only hurdle left keeping this amazing game out of our hands is Sony!

They have been approved by both Nintendo and Microsoft already, Steam apparently doesn't need approval, and are waiting for Sony to grant them approval. Something about not filling out the paperwork right the first time...

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