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Insomniac Hopes to Light a Fuse with Thumping New Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Remember this game?

Fuse is definitely still a game. Insomniac Games’ first multiplatform endeavour has been hovering under the radar ever since it got delayed earlier in the year, but the developer will be hoping that this new trailer pushes the title back into the spotlight. It’s certainly better than previous videos for the co-op shooter – we’re intrigued by the big guy shooting lasers from his hand – but we’re still not sure that we find the overall tone appealing.

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rjejr said:

Looks like the final game in a Vanquish, Binary Domain trilogy.

I've wondered why Insomniac would go this route, then I saw EA and it all made sense.

Since I really liked the 2 games I mentioned I'm intrigued, but I also don't like pure shooters nor team based games so I'll probably give it a pass.



Sanquine said:

Go back to sony . Reskinned resistance in third person .@rejejr this is much worse than vanquish . Vanquish was awesome



MitchConcannon said:

I'm really interested after that trailer. Will it be the sleeper hit of the year as everyone thinks it's going to be?

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