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Housemarque Developing 'Spiritual Successor' to Super Stardust on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Studio has second next generation title in the works

Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque is working on a “spiritual successor” to its legendary arcade shooter for the PlayStation 4. The Finnish studio confirmed the news on its official website yesterday, revealing that the title will be released as an exclusive for Sony’s supercharged next generation system. We can only imagine how pretty this is going to look.

“We are super excited to be working on Sony’s next-gen hardware,” said a jubilant Ilari Kuittinen. “The platform’s performances are enabling us to do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and we truly believe that better technology can lead to better gameplay. The more tools and resources we have at our disposal, the better.”

Kuittinen added that while the PlayStation 3 allowed the developer to populate Super Stardust HD with “thousands of interactive objects”, the architecture of the PS4 will enable it to “create incredible visuals with direct impact on the way that the new game feels”. Even more excitingly, the studio is working on a second exclusive for Sony’s system, with more details to be disclosed over the coming months. Colour us intrigued.


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Sanquine said:

Awesome! One of the best titles on vita! Futhermore, it was a superb game on ps3



Giygas_95 said:

Loved the PS3 game, wanted Delta, but didn't want to shell out for a Vita. If I ever decide to get a PS4, I'll keep my eye on this.

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