Ever since Sony released its sly PlayStation 4 teaser trailer, artists around the globe have been eager to produce some mock ups of the system’s final shape. We’ve already seen some nifty diagrams, but this latest attempt by Reddit user MrSmooth goes above the call of duty – offering a full three-dimensional render of the hypothetical machine.

The design appears to have all of the components of the recent trailer – there’s the strange diagonal lip, and the grills at the back. It is, however, missing that weird circular surface that was so pronounced in the video. Sony’s promised to give us our first glimpse at the console during E3, a move that’s at least keeping us guessing until the big show.

You can peruse all of the concept images through here. Do you like the general idea, or are you horrified by the proposal? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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