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Greatness Awaits as Sony Trademarks the PS4's Marketing Slogan

Posted by Sammy Barker

Head in the clouds

It looks like ‘Greatness Awaits’ really will be the PlayStation 4’s slogan, as Siliconera has uncovered a trademark registration for the phrase filed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. Last week, the website posted a leaked script pertaining to one of the next generation console’s first commercials, which included references to both Destiny and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

With the system set to release by the end of the year in at least one territory – and Europe a priority for the platform holder – we suspect that many of the company’s marketing plans will already be in place. We’re just thankful that crying babies don’t appear to be on the agenda this time around.


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Epic said:

I hope greatness is what we are going to get or I will stab you with a mop till death.



hYdeks said:

That's probably the American slogan, but it could be different for europe. hopefully the system is greatness, so far with the games announced and the ds4 reveal, I'm excited!



rjejr said:

"Greatness awaits" reminds me of the NY Mets (American baseball team FYI) 2007 slogan - "Your season has come". History lesson - after assembling a great team and making the playoffs in 2006, only to have that season end with Carlos Beltran looking at a curveball 3rd strike following Endy Chavez catch, now known as "The Curse of The Catch" by Mets fans - the Mets ended 2007 by historically blowing a 7 game lead w/ 17 games remaining and haven't been back to the playoffs since. It's been 1 long steady decline.

So, if the PS4 goes the way of the PSPgo, I'm blaming the slogan.



Gamer83 said:


If awesome announcements like GT 6 on PS3 instead of 4 continue, that's exactly the way things will end up going. Sony just can't help itself, as good as things seem sometimes you can always count on them eventually making some moronic decisions to screw things up. Been this way since 2006 and it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon, if ever. I'll keep enjoying their systems while they make them but when PS4 sells like the Go and Vita, that may very well be it for PlayStation.

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