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Grand Theft Auto V Will Let You Pilot a Blimp if You Pre-Order

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dread zeppelin

Grand Theft Auto games are appealing because they allow you to do things that you’d never be able to in real life – such as pilot a blimp. Should you pre-order the impending Grand Theft Auto V, you’ll be able to fly the Atomic zeppelin around Los Santos. Well, it sure beats getting caught in the rush hour traffic, doesn’t it?

Rockstar has also announced two new bundles for the release. The Special Edition includes a copy of the title, steelbook case, blueprint map, and a handful of in-game goodies, such as bonus costumes and additional plane trials. Meanwhile, the Collector’s Edition features all of the aforementioned content, as well as a Los Santos baseball cap, security deposit bag, and some extra online character avatars based on classic protagonists.

Both premium packages are available to pre-order from participating retailers now. The Special Edition will set you back $79.99, while the Collector’s Edition will cost $149.99. The latter seems a touch steep to us – but will you be buying it regardless? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

Piloting a blimp is simultaneously the coolest yet most boring thing I can think of doing in a videogame.

Have there been any good Xbox One GTA jokes yet? Seems like ripe territory.

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ShogunRok said:

I'd love to know the average time that blimp stays in the air after people get their hands on it.



ViciousDS said:

damn that collectors is steep for a T-shirt and Cap.....and a little bag.

It's almost as much as me paying for an RC car or the Quadrotor for black ops 2.

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