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Grand Theft Auto V Will Feature Yoga, Deep Sea Diving, and the Kitchen Sink

Posted by Sammy Barker

Rockstar releases new details about PS3's biggest game

Rockstar’s not just shooting for the stars with Grand Theft Auto V – it’s targeting the unexplored void that lingers beyond them. The ambitious publisher has lifted the embargo on its latest open world opus this afternoon, and we’ve gobbled up the details more ravenously than a meal deal from Burger Shot.

While our invite to the game’s big reveal must have got lost in the post, we’ve read enough of the previews to pick out the highlights. First and foremost, the sequel is ditching the drab gunplay of its predecessor, replacing it with combat mechanics akin to Max Payne 3. This comparison is furthered by the fact that each protagonist – of which there are three – will have a unique ability.

Michael, the bank robber turned family man, will be able to slow down time in gun fights, just like the aforementioned eponymous hero. Franklin, on the other hand, will be able to nail hairpin bends by initiating a similar skill when driving, while madman Trevor will boast a frenzy mode, allowing him to dish out double damage.

You’ll be able to switch between all three protagonists at will, each of which will play slightly differently. Using the characters in certain situations will improve their statistics across a variety of categories, but Franklin will always be the best driver, for example, because that plays into the overarching plot.

When you’re not participating in missions and side quests – of which there will be many more than Grand Theft Auto IV – you’ll be able to enjoy a spot of golf, tennis, or yoga. There’ll be character customisation options, allowing you to augment the protagonists with tattoos and new hairstyles. Furthermore, you’ll be able to invest in property, and earn rent in the process.

The title will feature an upgraded smartphone in the form of the iFruit. This will come installed with a variety of apps, including a web browser and a social network. Apparently, the developer’s gone absolutely insane with detail, so expect every inch of the title to be teeming with lore and content.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, there’ll be an entire underwater setting to explore, too. Certain boats will include wet suits and flippers that will allow you to go deep sea diving, where you’ll be able to hunt for treasure and more. However, you won’t be the only one looking for these goodies, as NPCs will attempt to steal them from under your nose.

You can learn a lot more about the game via the links below. Once you’ve checked them out, don’t forget to share your favourite new features in the comments section. It’s worth noting that the title is being demonstrated on the PlayStation 3, which isn’t always the case for multiplatform games. Let’s hope that Grand Theft Auto IV’s technical woes have finally been ironed out.


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ShogunRok said:

It all sounds like it should be a next gen game. It's hard to believe how much content they've supposedly crammed into this.



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok Yeah, it's crazy. The Polygon preview does mention that a lot of this stuff wasn't shown, though. They also mentioned that the game looks a bit rough in places.

I'm glad they're showing the demos on the PS3, though, and posting about the game on the PS Blog. I had worried that Microsoft might do some exclusivity shenanigans for this, but it's looking increasingly unlikely.



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb Yeah, it's good to see support for Sony from a developer as big as Rockstar - a good sign for the future.

Red Dead Redemption had PS3 exclusive content as well didn't it? Maybe Rockstar had made enough money from Microsoft with the GTAIV expansions...



Ps4all said:

I love rockstar. GTA is my second favorite title (bully being the first). i wish they would confirm or deny a ps4 version, as this may impact some peoples decision to upgrade.



get2sammyb said:

@lvnlavitaloca If it's happening, my guess is that we'll hear about it at E3. I think it will come to PS4 eventually, but they may want to focus on current platforms first. To be honest, I don't think I could wait to play the game, so would probably double dip anyway.



GRIFFEN14 said:

With the new info being released today, this game could possibly by my favorite game of all time. I am so excited for it.



rastamadeus said:

It does sound good BUT if they don't have auto save points after you drive to a mission this time then I will be asking for a refund. I want to like GTA 4 so much but every time I get close to thinking "this is really good" I die on a mission and then have to drive there or after someone somewhere or whatever again which can take 10-20 minutes. That is pathetic and needs to be fixed. Hopefully it will and I will like the game.



get2sammyb said:

@rastamadeus Haha, agreed. It sounds like there are proper checkpoints this time. The Polygon preview mentions that if you die as one character, you're forced to start at the nearest checkpoint. You can't switch character and 'heal' or anything like that, though.



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb Sounds better. Although I still think I'll wait and see it for myself via a friend or something similar before getting it myself to make sure it's real. It really put me off GTA4 so much so that its probably my most hated game I've ever played. And I owned ClayFighter 63⅓!



Ginkgo said:

Very hyped for this. It sounds great. But the two things they MUST fix is driving (where all cars handle like a tank, Sleeping Dogs laid down the gauntlet) and turn off the "helpful" camera changes as you walk. Trying to walk down stairs is so annoying, as I move try the camera one way and the game moves it another. Or was that just me.



Splat said:

@Ginkgo - You beat me to it. I feel Sleeping Dogs raised the bar in-terms of gameplay with both driving and combat. I'm curious to see how Grand Theft Auto V plays.



rjejr said:

Hey Sammy, if Rockstar - or anyone else - ever does make one of these games w/ a woman lead antagonist, I think I found their star.

This woman has lead a life that would make a Soprano smile:

Black Panther
Black Liberation Army
cop killer
armed jail breakout
underground in NJ
fugitive in Cuba
godmother of Tupac

Sounds like a hit to me.

My apologies if anyone is offended about my thought of making a real life cop-killer into a videogame heroine, but Hollywood just made these real life torturer-murder guys into the #1 COMEDY in America, so there is precedent.

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