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DriveClub Will Be Getting Plenty of Post Release DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

Evolution doubling down on additional content

With development budgets beginning to eclipse the Nürburgring in size, it looks like Evolution Studios will be aiming to make back some of its investment with an extensive DLC offering for PlayStation 4 launch title DriveClub. Speaking as part of Game Informer’s cover story, the company revealed that the racer will be one of Sony’s biggest from a DLC perspective, with plenty of additional cars up for grabs.

Elsewhere, the developer also mentioned that the title’s vehicle handling will sit somewhere between simulation and arcade – perhaps akin to Codemasters’ recent DiRT releases. You’ll be able to customise races by adapting the weather, time of day, and more. In addition, any progress that you make in single player and multiplayer will be tracked by a unified profile.

You needn’t worry about superfluous use of the touch pad, either. Currently the Runcorn-based studio is only using it for menus, though it is considering support for cameras, too. There’s plenty more information about the next generation title in the latest issue of Game Informer. You can find out how to purchase the magazine through here.


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Epic said:

Not sure if I should be happy or sad with this news :S.



get2sammyb said:

@Epic Hmm. I think it's fine. As long as you get your money's worth with the vanilla release, then I don't have a problem with additional content for those that want it.



Ginkgo said:

Still not sure what to think about this game. Need to see a lot more before I will be excited. As a GT5 lover, I am hoping for more sim and less arcade, but I know that is not everyone's cup of tea.



ViciousDS said:

@Ginkgo its not the sim part that bothers me, its closed course racing. If they could make a Gran Turismo with the open world freedom of say Test Drive Unlimited and the social experience of other players just popping in and out of free roam then I would be ECSTATIC!!! Seriously the Sim and Customization of Gran Turismo with the adventure of TDU.....omg take my money lol.

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