While many action and survival horror fans are patiently awaiting the release of Naughty Dog's upcoming title The Last of Us, it seems that some gamers simply couldn't resist exposing the end of the story. The demo version of the game, which was included with copies of God of War: Ascension, has been hacked to reveal the file names of all of the title's cutscenes, many of which disclosed information about the ending sequences and what happens to the characters.

As well as story hints, the hackers also discovered a list of the game's weapons and new snippets about the multiplayer mode. This information has already spread across the Internet, so it's advisable for any gamers who don't want to hear these spoilers to steer clear of any of The Last of Us threads on sites such as 4chan, Reddit, and GameFAQs.

You'll be able to discover the ending through more conventional means on 14th June, when the Naughty Dog-developed exclusive is set to hit store shelves.

[via eurogamer.net]