Ubisoft knows exactly what’s required to get your pulse racing on an otherwise dull Monday afternoon: a new Watch Dogs trailer. As hinted on the title’s Twitter account yesterday, the French publisher has released a new 90 second teaser devoted to the hack happy urban world of protagonist Aiden Pearce. It’s packed with car chases, tattoos, and the best smartphones that you’ve ever seen.

The company also confirmed that the title will drop on 19th November in North America and 22nd November in Europe on the PlayStation 3. The firm’s yet to elaborate on the PlayStation 4 version’s release date, but it has promised that it will be available alongside the system's launch later this year. If you pre-order the game for either console at GameStop, you’ll net an exclusive poster designed by comic book artist Alex Ross.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the game will be available as part of four special editions. For starters, the Dedsec Edition will include a 23cm figurine among various other goodies. It’ll be accompanied by the GAME-exclusive Vigilante Edition, which ships with Aiden’s Cap and Mask. Meanwhile, the Uplay Edition will be packaged in a steelbook case, while the vanilla Standard Edition (again, available from GAME) will come with an extra single player mission. Phew.

Which version will you be stumping up for? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]