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Terraria Tunnels onto the European PlayStation Store on 15th May

Posted by Sammy Barker

It's off to work we go

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to dig out your 16-bit shovel and you happen to reside in Europe, then know that salvation is at hand. 505 Games has confirmed that popular indie title Terraria is coming to the PlayStation Store on 15th May in the region – almost two months after its release in North America.

The title will set you back £11.99, a price point which seems to be becoming increasingly common in the digital space. If you reckon that you can wait a few more months for the release, then you should probably know that a PlayStation Vita version is also in the pipeline.


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Epic said:

Damn was hoping for this one to come to NA PS+ I still hope it comes eventualy.

Well atleast we are getting Zombie Tycoon 2.



naruball said:

I'll gladly wait for the psvita version and hopefully a much lower price.



JayArr said:

Dying to play this game but holding out for the Vita version too.

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