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Soul Sacrifice Walkthrough Details the Finer Points of the Vita Exclusive

Posted by Sammy Barker

Break a leg

If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around the concepts of Sony’s morally dense adventure Soul Sacrifice, then this official walkthrough trailer should get you up to speed. The video – produced by PlayStation Access – details many of the more complicated mechanics from the game, and should properly prepare you for the full release next week. Don’t forget to check out our preview for more information on the title, too.


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artemisthemp said:

I have taken down Cerberus 3 times and all in MP as his attack partner is insane for SP



NathanUC said:

I've put so much time into the demo already. I absolutely cannot wait for the game to release! My tips for soloing Cerberus:
Bring 2x level3 Stone Axe Edge, 2x level3 Irondrake egg, any level3 shield (I use thunderstone lid), and a healing spell of your choice.

He's really easy to dodge so take your time. Be sure to use your shield when he charges at you and it will be a cake walk. The first few times you hit him, he will be stunned for a long while giving you plenty of time to wack away with stone axe. Your priority is to not waste any spells and to dodge. There's no time limit so TAKE YOUR TIME! You'd be surprised how easy/fast it is

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