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Sony Santa Monica Pitched the PlayStation 4's Share Button

Posted by Sammy Barker

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You may know first-party powerhouse Sony Santa Monica best for creating the God of War games, but Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that the developer also played a pivotal role in one of the PlayStation 4’s most important features: the Share button.

Chatting candidly with EDGE magazine, the affable executive explained that after deciding upon the next generation console’s core internals, the company turned its attention to the user experience, which is when the idea of the dedicated social input started to formulate.

“We formed the cross-functional groups of people from SCEI hardware group and Worldwide Studios and Sony network services teams to meet every month,” he said. “And the idea of sharing and seamless integration with social networks, that was heavily discussed.”

Yoshida continued: “I think it was [creative director] Nathan Gary in Santa Monica studios who suggested it: how about adding a dedicated button on the controller so that everybody can just press that button to share?”

Gary – who was at the time involved with external projects such as Journey and The Unfinished Swan – prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the concept, and higher-ups at Sony instantly fell in love with the idea.

“It was a pretty quick decision after he suggested it, and I’m sure that he’s pretty proud of his contribution,” Yoshida added. “That was after many months of discussion of how people should be using the PS4 system, and sharing was one of the central experiences that we wanted to include in the system’s development.”

In short, the Share button will allow you to record and edit gameplay footage, which you'll then be able to upload to social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook. This will apparently operate without any penalty to the system's performance, as the console has been constructed with the functionality in mind.


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InsertNameHere said:

"how about adding a dedicated button on the controller so that everybody can just press that button to share?”. That right there really makes me believe that video sharing really will be free.

In this day and age, the ability to share your gaming experiences was very smart. Thank you, Sony Santa Monica.



Epic said:

My internet is so slow that I don't think I would ever use all these PS4 functions if I ever get one.



satam55 said:

@TheRealBatman Sony really wants to make PS+ a big part of the PlayStation 4 experience. So, I suspect that free PSN users will be only be able to record/share video in Standard Def/480p. While PS+ members will be able to record/share in 720p & Full 1080p. Which I'm cool with.

As long as online multi-player, access to apps, & everything else that was free on the PS3 is free on the PS4, i'm cool with it. I don't mind if Gaikai streaming, Share button advanced features, or even cross-game/party chat is reserved for PS+ members..



rjejr said:

"in one of the PlayStation 4’s most important features:"

One of the PS4's - most important features - is "sharing", yet people are giving Microsoft a hard time about always online?


I just hope there is an option to turn it off, I don't want to keep accidentally hitting it while I'm playing, and I'm not planning on sharing anything online.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr I think the difference is that supposed always-on feature will mean that you can't play single-player games unless you're connected to the Microsoft servers. Naturally PS4 is going to operate better with a connection, but it's not going to stop you from playing if you don't.

At least, that's based on what we know now.



Savino said:

@rjejr Sharing has nothing to do with always-on!
You can connect only for sharing and then disconect at your will!



rjejr said:

Sammy and Savino - yes, Sony may not "Require it", but if sharing is "one of the most important features of the console", so much so it got it's own button on the controller, then do you spend $400 or $500 on the console if you don't have broadband? Sony is basically saying, "Don't buy this if you don't have broadband b/c you won't get your money's worth." Not that they'll ever say that, but isn't it implied as much as they tout that feature?

And I'm not convinced MS is going always online for no used games DRM. I think Redbox and Gamefly are too big in the US and the economy too bad for people to buy into that this gen. Next gen, when everything is DL only and there are no discs it won't matter. They are requiring always online now to get people prepared and to charge them $15 per month like those $99 deals on the current Xbox360 and to constantly bombard them w/ new ads.

Microsoft is trading in the current razor and blade model of home consoles for a newspaper, tv and internet model of ad revenue. They can only get ad revenue if they have the numbers, and they can only have the numbers if they know every console sold is always online.

So ok, MS "REQUIRES" it, but it sounds like Sony is subtly trying to implement it to such a degree they may as well require it. Remember the removal of BC and Other OS? It's not like Sony hasn't changed things after a consoles release.



CanisWolfred said:

I hate you Sony Santa Monica. I know I'm gonna accidently hit that button when I'm getting my butt kicked in 2D fighters...

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