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SEGA Conjuring Up Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for PS3 and Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Classic platformer looks like it's making a comeback

There's no need to rub your eyes in disbelief: it looks like SEGA really is re-releasing 16-bit classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Our slightly green sister site Pure Xbox [via VGLeaks] picked up on an Xbox Live Arcade pack shot, which corroborates with a slew of Brazilian ratings from earlier in the year. While the artwork could merely be a fan mock up, it’s unlikely that an official classifications board would grade a title that turns out to be a load of old hocus-pocus.

Of course, you should probably temper your expectations if you’re anticipating a full visual overhaul. The listing on the Brazilian website mentions “1990” as the year of production, suggesting that this is a bog-standard port akin to Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic the Fighters. Still, that’s enough for us, as the game is an all-time classic. Just think how sharp those pixels are going to look on the Vita’s striking OLED screen.

SEGA, for what it’s worth, hasn’t commented on the title just yet – but we can’t imagine that it’s too far away at this point. Are you eager to return to the Castle of Illusion? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Squiggle55 said:

Awesome. I don't mind if it's just a port, but of course it would be nice to fit widescreen naturally. Kinda hope it's crossbuy too.



Ristar42 said:

A 'bog-standard' Virtua Fighter 2 was also good enough for me, I was limited to the Saturn version in the 90s, so the PSN release was an easy buy.

Castle of Illusion is a true classic game, I still play it on my Megadrive and be nice on PSN with the save state added so could interrupt play.
Hope they bring Quack Shot too, I often used to end up switching that off before I got to the end...



Ristar42 said:

@shinobi88 I played the 8-bit before the 16-bit version and it is also great, may even have the edge...

Was one of my first Master System games, which is the same as the Game Gear version. Can also be played on the megadrive using the powerbase converter, so thats how I play it. My Game Gear screen is wrecked, so not so good playing on the original hardward anymore, sadly...



belmont said:

I have this game on Game Gear and liked it very much. I have 2 Game Gear hardware unit. In the one the screen works but not the sound and in the other sound is great but the screen is faulty.

Definitely getting this in Vita.



Gamer83 said:

I'll get it on Vita for sure. Cross-buy would be awesome but I don't expect it.

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