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Saucy Sorceress Trailer Deployed for PS3 and Vita Brawler Dragon's Crown

Posted by Sammy Barker

Must be cold

Video game characters are renowned for their impractical dress sense, but we reckon that Dragon's Crown’s enchanted Sorceress class takes things to the next level. If we were venturing through grotty catacombs, we’d very much want to keep ourselves covered up – but the title’s magical character type seems content with letting it all hang out, if you catch our drift.

Still, it looks like she’s more than equipped with the necessary weapons to hold her own in combat. This trailer demonstrates how the protagonist can tempt foes into fighting her corner, and even turn enemies into stone. Furthermore, she can fly, which makes her one step cooler than R. Kelly in our book. The game’s due out later this year in Japan.


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Epic said:

When I saw Atlus logo in the trailer wasn't amused anymore of the characters designs xD.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr I did have the image filling up the whole top section. Thought I better use the smaller icon in case people pulled it up at work/school!



naruball said:

Don't really like the whole overly sexualised tone, but I guess there are other classes I can choose from.



ShogunRok said:

10/10, would watch again.

But seriously, look at the amount of effort that's been put into the animation. Blimey.



Savino said:

Doragots Crawn!!!!!!

What was that at the end?! Some sort of newspeak?!
Orwell would be proid!!!



shinobi88 said:

Aside from the jigglin boobies, which I've already discussed XTREME displeasure with, this has the look of a Disney movie. And that ain't a bad thing

The vast array of attacks excites me, specially the magic one where she makes the skeletons fight each other. The nowadays cruddy cliche industry standard of light attack/heavy attack/special move makes me nauseous. I have been overly spoiled to live through the beat 'em up golden age, where we had deeply complex move sets in games like Streets of Rage, with its punches, kicks, grapples, flips, hip tosses, suplexes, jump kicks, back attacks, special moves, and several different items to use and throw. There is absolutely no way that game can become competitive. Luckily, the dudes designing this game are also fond of that amazin era



BlueProxy said:

Trying too hard to push some sales or what... That's way over the top, and is unnecessary to take it that far. The game already looks fun, and the last one on PS2 from these guys was great. What are they trying to prove?

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