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RPG Maker 3 Building a New Home on PlayStation Network Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Those of you that are frustrated with the direction of the Final Fantasy series will be able to build your own sequel next week, courtesy of the PlayStation Network release of RPG Maker 3. The title – which originally launched on the PlayStation 2 back in 2005 – will be available as a PS2 Classic in North America on Tuesday, according to the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast.

The sequel includes a wealth of tools designed to help you to create your own mini-adventures. Unlike the previous entries in the series, the release features full three-dimensional visuals as opposed to the sprite-based graphics of its predecessors, allowing you to construct gigantic overworlds and dungeons. There’s no word on a price just yet, but we don't expect it to break the bank.


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Epic said:

Going to watch from distance this one the concept is great but the creation of RPGs may be complicated I will just wait for reviews for now.



Squiggle55 said:

Rats, PS2 classic. I'd buy a remake of this concept on PSN where I can play other player's creations.



rjejr said:

So if it's a PS2 game that lets you make PS2 games does that mean the PS2 games you make won't play on the PS3?

Seriously though, you would think it would be easier to put together a PS3/PSN specific RPG maker/creator than to port PS2 code from this one. Might as well port Madden 06 while they're at it.



get2sammyb said:

It's just a PS2 Classic, so I doubt there's a whole lot of work gone into it. But, yes @TromboneGamer, like @theblackdragon said, there were three of these on PlayStation. The first was on PSone, and then two more were released on PS2.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The first one on PS1 was a relatively faithful port of what the series has been doing on PC for ages...sprite-based top-down perspective and all. The sequels were both on PS2 and took DRASTICALLY different approaches. RPG Maker II on PS2 uses very blocky top-down-ish 3D and is VERY complicated to program...even after getting lots of experience with the PS1 game, II confused the heck out of me.

RPG Maker III, on the other hand, goes the completely OPPOSITE direction and is really too simple. It's still 3D, but it takes more of a behind-the-character third-person approach. It has absurd restrictions on what you can do, the worst of which is a 100 character cap...and that includes every single NPC. That said, the game originally supported the PS2 hard drive...which I didn't have (who did?), so I don't really know how it changes things. If the PS2 Classic is ported properly, it may be possible to use the PS2 System Data to harness the PS3's hard drive for the game. I look forward to hearing how that works out.

If you want to get into RPG Maker nowadays, I'd still really recommend RPG Maker VX Ace on PC instead. It holds on to the great pixel-art style, it's WAY more customizable (import your own sprites, music, whatever!), and it's got a great balance of ease of use and depth of features. Granted, it IS much more expensive than this PS2 "Classic" is likely to be (no game released with that moniker has been more than $10, to my recollection, whereas VX Ace is $70 full price), but it's worth it if you're serious about using the software.



danschemen said:

Awesome, I love that game. I just hope that they add some better tutorials cause learning on my own and through the Internet kind of sucked.



danschemen said:

Oh wait it's just a port. For some reason I thought it was going to be redone in some way. Oh well I'm going to be putting so many days into this game.

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