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Ride to Hell: Retribution Trailer Wants to Break Your Jaw

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Deep Silver has deployed a brand new trailer for its imminent motorcycle adventure, Ride to Hell: Retribution. The Eutechnyx-developed title – which is due out in late June – puts you inside the boots of Jake Conway, “a man out for revenge against the brutal biker gang, The Devil's Hand”. The game’s set during the 60s, hence the hazy visual filter and dodgy haircuts.

Despite its impending arrival, there’s still very little information on how the game will actually play, but the publisher promises a blend of on-foot action and vehicular combat. It doesn’t look particularly polished judging from this first footage, but the industry’s been starving for some mindless budget releases, so let’s hope that this fills the gap.

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Epic said:

Just looking the concept and the trailer makes me think its some kind of red dead redemption + GTA open world game.



rjejr said:

I wonder if its based on Robert Blake's Electra Glide in Blue? Though that was more 70s. There was a hot rod PC game in the mid 90s set in the 70s this also reminds me of.

Wow, just realized thats a retail title, seemed so $14.99 PSN.

Late June huh? Guess it will be getting a lot of coverage at E3



Ginkgo said:

A Biker gang adventure! That is one of the more original ideas I have seen lately, which I applaud. Even though from the trailer the execution does not look brilliant, I am tempted to pick it up just for something very different and to support the idea (though maybe not at full price).
I will keep an eye out in any case.




Hahaha I do hope they have some sort of permission to use the '1%' tag. If not, it could get messy for those dev's. If they have, then, well- proceeds of crime?

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