Fallen Tree Games hopes to help you to relax with its PlayStation Vita puzzler, Quell Memento. The title – sequel to the smartphone favourite, Quell – takes place in an abandoned house, and sees you solving over 150 block puzzles in order to jog the memory of an old man. These puzzles will be split into nine chapters, and will grow in complexity as you progress.

In addition to its classical visual vibe, the game will also feature music composed by Steven Cravis. “He wrote a selection of soothing tracks that not only perfectly suit the story and style, but also actually help players to think,” explained art director Lewis Boadle on the PlayStation Blog. If the rest of the music is as strong as the snippet in the trailer, then we should be in for a treat.

Boadle continued: “Most games try to make you feel excited or stressed. We wanted to create a game that helped people unwind, maybe after a long day at school or work. The rear touchpad on the Vita is a great way to play Quell Memento, as it means that the screen is completely unobscured as you try to figure out the best way to complete the puzzles.”

There’s no word on pricing just yet, but the developer's website notes that the title should be available in May. Check out the first footage embedded below for a taste of what to expect.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]