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Quantic Dream Is Eager to Take Advantage of the PS4 Controller's Touchpad

Posted by Sammy Barker

Studio keen to remove barriers

Quantic Dream hopes to use the PlayStation 4 controller’s touchpad in order to lower the barrier of entry for its games. Chatting with following last weekend’s Digital Dragons event in Poland, company vice president Guillaume de Fondaumière hinted that the studio’s in-development next generation project may take advantage of the added interface in order to make its games more accessible to casual players.

“We're always thinking about the controller," said the French executive. “In the past we've made several propositions to Sony, who is the console manufacturer, to make sure that the controller is not a barrier to the experience for certain people who are not used to this controller.”

Previously, the studio added PlayStation Move controls to Heavy Rain, making the adventure fully playable with the motion device. It’s not going to repurpose the functionality for its upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls, but it’s still eager to attract a wider market with its titles.

“We see today the emergence of new interfaces such as the touchpad, and you've seen that, for instance, on the new PS4 controller there's going to be a touchpad-type of system so that you can interact through it,” de Fondaumière continued. “That's very interesting, and we're looking forward to designing games that are adapted to a larger audience, but I can't talk too much about it right now.”

Last week, the Parisian outfit revealed that its “very ambitious” next generation project has been in pre-production for almost a year. Details are scarce, but the title is believed to be inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s speculative novel The Singularity Is Near, hinting that it may be set in the same universe as the company's recent Kara technology demo.


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Epic said:

I still can't find a really awesome use for it except for quick weapon change or something like that. :/



rjejr said:

I never posted the same thing 3 times before, but here goes. I think this was originally posted way back in January:

"I can probably think of lots of reasons for the touchscreen but here's just a couple off the top of my head -
XMB navigation - is there anybody out there who's really good at using the PS Move on the XMB cause that thing sucks
Okami - self explanatory
Chick Chick Boom - 1 of the best games on Wiiware, it looks like a PSN game
almost any (3)DS(i) game ever made
any Move game that requires you to wipe off or scratch off stuff from the screen (god how I hate those)
faux lottery tickets (Nathan Drake will be scrathcing off one of these in UC4 if this controller becomes a reality)
dribbling a basketball or bouncing deBlob around if the "touch" is sensitive enough
a thumb "scanner" for any spy or stealth games or Metroi dlike games - it doesn't actually have to "read" your thumbprint, it just has to feel the pressure of a thumb
I realize many Sony fans consider themselves too "hardcore" to play Wiiware, DS, or Move games, but that doesn't mean a touch screen wouldn't have it's uses"
So no, an entire game will not be played with that tiny touchscreen, but it can enhance the experience in many ways.



Epic said:

@rjejr Don't like the current ideas but I think they might find something good in the future.



rjejr said:

@TheRealBatman - Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I owned a Wii for 3 years before purchasing a PS3, and I had the PS3 for a year before getting a Move controller, so my brain may have already been pre-wired. I just know using Move I always overshoot everything by 1 and have to backtrack 1 so I just gave up using Move on XMB.

I'm guessing w/ a PS Eye in every box and that Move pointer on the DS4 the new XMB is going to look a lot more like the new PSN Store w/ BIG WORDS down the left hand side that open to more BIG WORDS and icons. Or else just Windows 3.1 (I just think it's funny how the entire world has basically gone back to the Windows 3.1 GUI)



InsertNameHere said:

@rjejr Maybe you're not being gentle enough. I had that problem for about 2 days after buying my move, but after I started moving it around more gently, I haven't had a problem since.



rjejr said:

@TheRealBatman - "I had that problem for about 2 days after buying my move,"

After using the Wii for 3 years which worked perfectly fine out of the box I probably gave up after those 2 days. I'm too old for learning curves

Open letter to Sammy:
Yo Sammy - (I know you're here somewhere) - a little heads-up on the email messaging would have been nice. And maybe a how-to on opting out? Nobody wants my constant belligerence in their in-box. Overall I think it's a good thing, but some people may feel it's a privacy issue. I'll go pester TW now.



InsertNameHere said:

@rjejr It's not really a learning curve seeing as in those 2 days, I only used it 4 times. And you have to remember that the Move is more sensitive than the Wiimote. I hated the Wii because it took forever just to get the pointer exactly where you wanted it.



Lt_pickel said:

@Epic well you can possibley use it for knifing , swipe up , down , left , right for like a game like dead island

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