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Oh, There's a New PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Available

Posted by Sammy Barker

You know the drill

We cast our news catching net out wide every day, but sometimes the odd story slips through. As such, you can imagine our surprise this evening when our PlayStation 3 prompted us to update our firmware. It seems that Sony’s stealthily deployed a patch for the system, which, well, does very little at all.

Version 4.41 – which, as mentioned, is available now – offers further software stability. It took us the grand sum of four minutes and nine seconds to download and install it, so don’t get exaggerating on Twitter when you’re prompted to nab the software refresh. No, it didn’t take you 25 minutes to update.


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Epic said:

To many stability updates... why not release a huge one instead of tiny bit updates?? -_-



ShogunRok said:

Took me about two minutes, so I guess I'm the king of firmware on Push Square.



rastamadeus said:

To be fair it's the first one in a while, unlike the Vita which seems to have one fortnightly.



Ginkgo said:

yes. suffering this as we speak, which is why I am roaming this site.



Paranoimia said:

In total, 5 minutes 10 seconds for me, from the moment I clicked 'Start' until the system was ready to use again. 1 minute 28 seconds to download, the rest taken up by the subsequent reboot/update/reboot.

I know because I made a video, (a) because I have some new editing software I needed to try out, and (b) I've seen people claim it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, and when I've told them that it takes about 5 minutes they haven't believed me, so I wanted some proof.

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