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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Is Raising Eyebrows on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

No, that's the actual name

Believe it or not, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute is the name of a light novel turned anime series in Japan. Having already spawned several wildly popular outings on the PlayStation Portable, the franchise is now making the jump to the PlayStation 3, prompting plenty of throats to be cleared all over the world. Ahem.

Details regarding the game are actually fairly scarce, but according to regional magazine leaks, the release will supposedly feature social networking elements and “meeting” mechanics, where you can converse with other characters from the series. We’re still a little bit baffled by the title, but we’re assuming that it’s a translation error. At least, we hope so.


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SpaceKappa said:

Oh it's not like that!

The series is about a guy who finds out his popular, super-smart fashion model sister is actually a closet otaku with a secret unbridled passion for cute figurines and dating sim games. It's about them learning to understand and take care of each other, not anything perverted.

Season 2 starts in Japan really soon!



rastamadeus said:

It's actually a really good anime. Have to admit I love these sort of random Japanese games that will never be released outside the country. They just fascinate me. Being able to speak the language helps too I guess.



WCamicase said:

The anime is pretty cool, don't say those things before you see it Sammy D:



Zetrayrus said:

Never read it but I do hear that it is pretty good. However, all of these VN-type (I'm assuming it'll be a VN/Adventure type kind of game) tend to stay in Japan so I doubt any western fans that can't read Japanese will be able to enjoy it much at all.



LadyStarstorm said:

Jesus people. Oreimo is not about incest.
Oreimo is NOT about incest.

Did that get through your heads? Okay good.

And if THAT isn't what you were calling stupid/perverse/etc about it, then what? A girl playing dating sims and being an otaku despite a normal outward-appearance? Is that the part that's bothering you??


cough Sarcasm aside... It's a fun (somewhat relatable! if you are/know someone like the main characters) comedy anime series, and this article was written to be VERY "leading," causing people to believe it's pornographic/dirty in nature without knowing a lick about the franchise besides the title. It's a well-established franchise with abundant information online that would have taken all of 2 minutes to research and see what genre it was before wirting something misleading. I am disappoint.



Azikira said:

It sounds like fun. Sadly, I can relate to enjoying dating sims and collecting obscenely cute things.

Wait a minute, did someone make a game about me?? D:



Jaz007 said:

I it's not that bad now some people have explained it. I reccomend it be referred to by westerner a as something else though. The title is well, yeah, a bad first impression espcially considering some of the other stuff going on in that country. Any ways, bad name is bad.



LadyStarstorm said:

@JayArr OY.

The title is misleading if you don't understand the language it's coming from. He's not saying "aww, look how CUTE my sister is!!"... it's an incredulous statement. She appears cute and innocent to other people, but he knows better because she is a pervert and kind of a brat.

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