Soul Sacrifice is not quite available in Europe and North America yet, but designer Keiji Inafune is already dreaming up a sequel. In an interview with IGN, the former Capcom man noted that he’s actively started discussions with Sony regarding the prospective follow-up, which we suspect will get the go-ahead following the success of the original release in its native Japan.

“I’m interested in making other console games for PlayStation, not just for the Vita,” said Inafune, perhaps hinting that the title may be cross-platform next time around. “Soul Sacrifice is something I specifically designed for Vita using [the] hardware’s specific features. To drive Vita sales even more, I have an idea for a Soul Sacrifice sequel. I’m actually approaching [Sony] regarding this project.”

He added: “Let’s say the talks are ongoing and I’d love to make it happen.”

You can read our thoughts on Soul Sacrifice’s demo through here. We’ll have a review ready ahead of the game’s release next week, so don’t worry if you’re still sitting on the fence. While you wait, let us know if you’d be interested in a sequel in the comments section below.