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Game of the Month: March 2013 - BioShock Infinite

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sky high

March was awash with high-profile releases, but few managed to delight us to quite the same degree as Irrational Games’ stunning BioShock Infinite. Ken Levine’s creative opus captivated us from start to finish, hooking us with an Elizabeth-shaped bait, and refusing to relinquish our attention until we’d explored every last tear. God only knows where we’d be without it, and thus we’ve awarded it our coveted Game of the Month gong for March.

“BioShock Infinite is a sublime shooter set in a magical world,” we wrote in our review. “Irrational Games has once again proven that it’s a very special developer, and if there’s any silver lining to the adventure’s complex conclusion, it’s that the studio is certain to take us somewhere equally endearing when it returns in a few years’ time.”

Honourable mentions go out to Tomb Raider and God of War: Ascension. The former came within an arrow’s length of dethroning Booker DeWitt’s twisted adventure in our internal poll, proving that Crystal Dynamics’ reboot was a real return to form for Lara Croft. And while Kratos’ origin story may have suffered from the age-old similarity syndrome, we’d be remiss to not at least acknowledge Sony Santa Monica’s latest romp through ancient Greece.

Of course, we’d love to know your Game of the Month, too. Did you prefer the hallowed gardens of BioShock Infinite to the isolated island of Tomb Raider, or did you fall in love with something else entirely? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

What was your favourite game in March? (17 votes)

BioShock Infinite


Darkstalkers Resurrection


God of War: Ascension


Hungry Giraffe


Runner 2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien


Tomb Raider


Something else


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Gamer83 said:

I'll say Bioshock as well. I really like the new Tomb Raider but Infinite just delivered on so many different levels. Loved the story, particularly the ending, the gunplay is great and Columbia was a fantastic world to explore. It's not just the best game of March but of the year to this point and the only two I think will challenge it are The Last of Us and GTA V.



Visiblemode said:

Unfortunately, Though I own the othet two contenders I've only had time to play Tomb Raider, which was awesome btw. Playing through Bioshock 1 at the moment as it had slipped through the cracks for me first time around. Man is it ever living up to the years of hype.



Gemuarto said:

Tomb Raider for me =). Bioshock was too haloish and all story charming was destroyed by dirty and ugly ending. I hoped so much that Liz will become a godess and just by touching all time cicles heal them from all their sins and pain =(((.... But what happened was really dirty and ugly. if you have such a great power like her, do you really need to act like a moron?



rjejr said:

Kratos is gonna come and kick your ...

Thats a pretty impressive month for a nearly obsolete system, and Ni No Kuni last month for the JRPG crowd. Who needs the holidays to release games?



irken004 said:

It's almost a tie for Infinite and Tomb Raider, but I bought the PS3 special edition (no songbird statue) of Infinite today, to go along with my PC copy.



Gamer83 said:


Unfortunately not everything has a happy ending, in fact, most of the time there aren't happy endings. It was ugly, no question, it was also very Bioshock, that universe has always had a darker tone and the ending to Infinite fit the game perfectly.

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